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Our high precision 6-axis MotionTracking™ sensor, the ICM-42688-P, is now available along with our latest development kit, DK-42688-P. It features ultra-low power wake-on-motion and industry first 20-bits data format.

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19-bits of gyroscope data and 18- bits of accelerometer data, external clock input, tilt detection, tap detection, and significant motion detection give you cutting edge data and features for your AR/VR/MR applications.

20-bits data format support in FIFO for high-data resolution, 20,000 g shock tolerance, external clock input, and user-programmable digital filters provides the best choice for even the most sensitive and rugged robotics applications.

APEX (Advanced Pedometer and Event Detection – neXt gen), raise to wake/sleep, significant motion detection and the smallest and thinnest LGA package makes ICM-42688-P the ultimate sensor for your wearable applications.

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The ICM-42688-P is a 6-axis MEMS MotionTracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer. It has a configurable host interface that supports I3C℠, I²C and SPI serial communication, features a 2 kB FIFO and 2 programmable interrupts with ultra-low-power wake-on-motion support to minimize system power consumption.

ICM-42688-P supports highly accurate external clock input, that helps to reduce system level sensitivity error, improve orientation measurement from gyroscope data, reduce ODR sensitivity to temperature and device to device variation.

The device includes industry first 20-bits data format support in FIFO for high-data resolution. This FIFO format encapsulates 19-bits of gyroscope data and 18-bits of accelerometer data.

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The DK-42688-P is a comprehensive development platform for ICM-42688-P, a high performance 6-axis motion sensor that combines a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis accelerometer.

The platform, designed around Microchip G55 MCU can be used by developers for rapid evaluation and development of ICM-42688-P based solutions. The DK-42688-P includes an on-board Embedded Debugger so external tools are not required to program or debug the G55 MCU.

The development kit comes with necessary software including InvenSense Motion Link, a GUI based development tool and embedded Motion Drivers for ICM-42688-P.

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