Thank you for attending InvenSense’s fifth annual Developers Conference! Please see below for photos and presentations from the Conference.



InvenSense CEO Behrooz Abdi speaks to the IDC audience about

Guillaume Girardin, Technology & Market Analyst from Yole Développement speaks to us about the future market for sensors.

Sunil Acharya discusses the applications of mixed reality with Microsoft’s Hololens.

InvenSense Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Eitan Medina, speaks to the crowd about SensorStudio. You can learn more in our Developers Corner.

This year’s Developer Showcase had over a dozen demonstrations and examples of the amazing applications that can be created and improved upon with our motion and sound solutions.

Another look at our Developer Showcase. Here you can see some interested attendees learning about SensorStudio 2.2.0.

The folks from Atheer gave us a fantasic live demo of their AiR Glasses.



TPI car

row of bicycles

TRACK map 2


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RIDE map