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Positioning Technology

From smartphones, to vehicles, to embedded autonomous solutions, our world class engineering team has a strong sensor fusion pedigree integrating inertial, GNSS, Wi-Fi, BLE, magnetic, barometric, and other signals of opportunity to determine positions everywhere.

Scalable Indoor Positioning Solution

Reliable Indoor Positioning.

We specialize in big venues.

Infrastructure-free Indoor Positioning.

With continuous average position accuracy of 1–3m you can track people, assets and vehicles inside your facility. This allows you to keep your workplace safe and efficient with employee, equipment, or asset tracking.

Do you have an office, construction site, factory, warehouse or hospital? Our tools make the setup and maintenance of your facility quick and easy.

This Indoor Positioning service is infrastructure-free. Not only do you avoid expensive infrastructure and installation costs, the system is self-healing, which means you don’t need to worry about maintenance or re-survey.

Next Generation of Micromobility

Organized parking of bikes and scooters after customer use.

RIDE technology improves GNSS accuracy and extends coverage.

Dynamics tracking ready. Crash detection, route information, and more.

A low-power solution that is always on.

When using GPS alone, scooters or bikes can be left carelessly on corners or sidewalks blocking pedestrian paths and causing unsafe conditions. GPS outages or signal errors can cause drop off locations to be inaccurate, which is also frustrating for users and maintenance.

RIDE improves drop-off location accuracy by >35% and provides a continuous solution even when GNSS signals are unavailable (i.e. indoor parking garages or tunnels).

Protect your equipment with detailed information about each ride. Be notified of crashes, erratic riding, or improper docking. Know the status of your equipment including heading information and whether the scooter or bike is upright or horizontal when parked.

RIDE saves power by keeping GNSS turned off and using sensor monitoring when the scooter or bike is not in use. RIDE also can detect and distinguish unauthorized removal by a person or a car. When GNSS has acquisition problems or is inaccurate or unavailable, RIDE continuously gives accurate position and orientation of the vehicle.

Enhanced Vehicle Navigation

Premium dead reckoning software for vehicle tracking & navigation.

The preferred choice for enhanced vehicle tracking.

Easy to integrate and update.

Vast array of additional features.

Our sensor fusion software tracks vehicles in the most difficult environments including tunnels and parking garages where GNSS is unreliable or unavailable. This software is configurable for different GNSS receivers and sensors. Without GNSS, our solution boasts a drift error <1% of distance travelled, using consumer-grade MEMS inertial sensors.

Our team was first to put inertial navigation software on smartphones for vehicle dead reckoning and has been improving the solution for many years since. Smartphones, infotainment systems and telematics boxes have been using Track software for years.

Flexibility so you can optimize your system hardware. You choose the architecture including processor, operating system, GNSS and sensors. We make the inertial dead reckoning software work for your architecture.

Our software runs on Android, RTOS, Linux or bare metal embedded platforms and can be upgraded in the field.

Auto calibration occurs from normal driving behavior. The IMU can be mounted in any orientation within the vehicle and the mounting misalignments are estimated and compensated by the software. This allows the software to work for both pre-market and after market applications. Furthermore, the misalignment calibration rotates accelerometers to the vehicle frame for safety and dynamics monitoring applications.

Autonomy Solution for Vehicles & Robots

Take a peek at how it works.

Lane level positioning in GNSS challenged environments.

Our system is always-on, and even our back-up has a back-up.

Commercially viable? Absolutely.

AUTO provides lane level positioning in urban environments by tightly fusing inertial and perception sensor inputs. Even in challenging situations (e.g. tunnels or poor visibility), our solution has decimeter-level accuracy and high-rate position updates to enable reliable control of land-based platforms.

Safety and data integrity are our priority, which is why we have designed a system that integrates positioning data from multiple sources.

If GNSS, cameras or lidar sensors fail due to signal outages, weather conditions or poor visibility, our INS and radar positioning technology is always-on in the background to maintain lane level accuracy.

Reduced solution costs make high-volume implementation feasible. The AUTO software integrates existing automotive-grade MEMS IMU’s, radar and GNSS to create an affordable high-performance all-weather solution.

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