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InvenSense has over 100 man-years of investment in inertial navigation system software (INS). Our INS solutions are shipping in over 50 million devices worldwide. INS uses inertial sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes) to provide continuous and accurate positioning in a variety of vehicle and pedestrian applications including vehicle telematics and fleet tracking, autonomous vehicles, worker productivity tracking, machine guidance and control, in-store shopping behavior, and pedestrian wayfinding. Our software can be integrated as either an embedded library or a SDK.

Automotive Vehicle Telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


The InvenSense Positioning Library (IPL) is a vehicle dead reckoning (VDR) software solution offering increased positioning accuracy and availability to a variety of applications including vehicle telematics, fleet tracking, navigation systems and smartphones.

IPL improves GNSS/GPS navigation and tracking systems by filtering GNSS multipath errors in deep urban canyons and provides continuous tracking in GNSS-denied environments such as tunnels and parking garages. IPL operates both with and without speed data from the vehicle.

  • IPL is a highly-portable software solution
    • Runs on Android, RTOS, Linux or bare metal embedded platforms
    • Field-upgradable
    • Vendor flexibility – works with any 3rd party GNSS IC
  • Specific operation modes and solution advantages
    • IPL auto-calibrates from normal driving behavior; no special driving calibration patterns required
    • IPL allows any mounting orientation to a vehicle. IPL estimates and removes this mounting misalignment error.
    • IPL can hot start in GNSS-denied environments
    • IPL rotates accelerometers to vehicle frame for vehicle safety/monitoring applications

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Coursa Drive is the world’s first inertial-aided positioning solution for AV (Autonomous Vehicle) platform developers. A high-performance extension of the InvenSense Positioning Library (IPL) that has provided sensor-aided positioning to over 50 million devices worldwide, Coursa Drive enhances inertial-only vehicle positioning to <0.2% of distance traveled. These precise levels of accuracy are critical to maintaining decimeter lane-level vehicle positioning in challenging GNSS/perception system environments.

Coursa Drive’s inertial navigation system (INS) calibrates using absolute position inputs from either high accuracy GNSS receivers or from perception-based systems (camera, radar, lidar) with HD maps. In real time, Coursa Drive provides high-rate, 100 Hz delta positions and orientation to the AV system, complementing the lower-rate position references from GNSS and perception systems. For improved system fault-tolerance, Coursa Drive can provide decimeter position precision for short periods when the GNSS or perception systems are uncertain or unavailable.

For non-real-time applications such as HD map creation and maintenance, Coursa Drive’s offline mode reprocesses INS data at two to three times higher accuracy than real-time mode, providing HD map companies alternative position references to verify HD map accuracy, even without GNSS, for up to 60 seconds.

For more information, please contact Coursa Sales at: sales@coursaretail.com


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Indoor Positioning


Coursa Venue is a real time and offline indoor positioning and analytics platform for Industry 4.0.

Coursa Venue’s analytics data helps venue owners with:

  • Worker productivity, safety and workflow monitoring in hospital, factory and warehouse environments
  • Asset tracking
  • Shopper behavior and traffic flow monitoring in shopping malls or other large public venues
  • Navigation and wayfinding assistance in large venues such as airports and train stations

Coursa Venue applies orientation-free pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) techniques using a mobile device’s gyroscope and accelerometer sensors together with geomagnetic field and RF signal strength mapping methods to enable high-accuracy, meter-level precise positioning indoors with little to no new technology infrastructure, enabling cost-effective deployment inside buildings.

For more information, please contact Coursa Sales at: sales@coursaretail.com


Coursa Retail is an infrastructure-free, no site-survey shopper and store associate behavior insights and analytics platform for mass, club, superstore, grocery, home improvement, pharmacy, office products and electronics retail store formats.

Coursa Retail’s mobile SDK and SaaS platform uses smartphone motion sensors and the retailer’s mobile app to capture in-store shopper and store associate category engagement with meter-level accuracy.

Coursa Retail’s analytics data helps retailers:

  • Improve offline attribution by tracking in-store shoppers to-the-shelf.
  • Identify in-store missed conversions by tracking all products/categories a shopper visits in-store.
  • Improve personalization by recording a shopper’s entire walking path and category engagement across all store visits.
  • Measure store performance by aggregating all shopper department and category traffic data through stores
  • Monitor associate efficiency by measuring their activity levels and where in-store they are spending their time

Coursa’s new and innovative approach eliminates the need for any in-store systems or technology enabling rapid scale to retailers with hundreds or thousands of stores. All Coursa requires to get started is a store map/schematic and a mobile app.

For more information, please contact Coursa Sales at: sales@coursaretail.com

Learn more at coursaretail.com.