The IDG-2030U (roll & pitch) dual-axis MEMS angular rate sensor is designed for optical image stabilization (OIS) applications in camera modules found in smart phones and other mobile devices.

The OIS gyro includes a narrow programmable full-scale range of ±46.5, ±93, ±187, and ±374 degrees/sec, fast sampling of the gyro output at up to 32KHz, low phase delay including a fast 20MHz read-out through SPI interface, very low rate noise at 5mdps/√Hz and extremely low power consumption at 2.7 mA. Factory-calibrated initial sensitivity reduces production-line calibration requirements.

The space saving 2.3 × 2.3 × 0.65 mm LGA surface mount package is reflow solder compatible and RoHS compliant. The IDG-2030U is pin and function compatible to IDG-2030.

Note: The IDG-2030U is marked as EOL and is not recommended for new designs

Product Details

Part # Gyro Full Scale Range Gyro Sensitivity Gyro Rate Noise Digital Output Logic Supply Voltage
UNITS: (°/sec) (LSB/°/sec) mdps/rtHz (V)
±3% 5mdps/√Hz I²C or SPI VDD


  • Resistant to 36kHz to 40kHz ultrasonic wash frequencies
  • Small 2.3 x 2.3mm 2 & Low Profile 0.65mm LGA Package
  • Low 5mdps/√Hz Noise
  • Minimum Phase Delay of 0.9° at 20Hz
  • Narrow FSR Range from ±46.5 dps to ±374 dps
  • High Resolution at up to 700 LSB/(º/s)
  • Embedded 512-byte FIFO Enables Burst Read
  • SPI and I2C High-Speed Interfaces
  • FSYNC Pin Supports Image Synchronization
  • 400kHz Fast Mode I2C Serial Interface
  • 1 MHz R/W SPI Interface, 20MHz Read to Gyro
  • Wide 16-Bit Rate Value Data Output
  • User-Programmable Integrated Low-Pass Filters
  • Wide 1.71V to 3.6V Supply Voltage Range
  • Low 5mW Power Consumption
  • 6μA Sleep Mode
  • High 10,000g Shock Survivability