ICM-207xx is the world’s first integrated 7-axis (3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer + pressure sensor) single-chip platform solution featuring an onboard Digital Motion Processor (DMP™).  The ICM-207xx targets navigation, health, and fitness applications for mobile and wearable devices such as smartphones, tablets, fitness bands, and smart watches.

The single-chip ICM-207xx is a fully autonomous 7-axis motion tracking solution that combines industry leading gyroscope and accelerometer specifications with a fully integrated barometer, and InvenSense third generation digital motion processing to deliver new features including:

  • Self-calibration for continuous high performance over extended lifetime
  • Altimeter function for indoor/outdoor 3D navigation and context aware applications

The Digital Motion Processor (DMP) offloads computation of motion processing algorithms from the host processor, leading to lower system power. MotionApps software, now shipping in over 100 million Android devices, and also supporting embedded applications, is provided with the device to accelerate applications development.  The ICM-207xx offers Runtime Calibration for the sensors, enabling sustained high performance for today’s demanding applications like Navigation and Wearable Sensors.

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  •  Self Calibration for Continuous High Performance Over Extended Lifetime
  • Activity Classification and Analysis for Fitness and Context Aware Applications
  • Accurate Calorie Count with Credit for Stairs Climbed
  • Quantify Number of Flights of Stairs Climbed
  • Improved User and Device Contextual Awareness
  • Altimeter Function for Indoor/Outdoor 3D Navigation

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