InvenSense is a pioneer and a global market leader in devices and related software for sensor system on chip (Sensor SoC) for the motion and sound markets.

In areas of imaging, navigation, development, and algorithms, our software initiatives include expanding into open platforms that include both ARM and DSP based SoC’s running motion and audio features.


TRACK software delivers sensor assisted positioning in places where global navigation satellite system (GNSS) alone can’t provide desired accuracy or availability. TRACK incorporates important advancements that allow use of inertial sensors in typical smart phones to deliver continuous and accurate position, velocity, and orientation in driving and pedestrian use cases, even in GNSS challenged environments. InvenSense offers solutions in 4 wheel (TRACK) and 2 wheel micromobility applications (RIDE), autonomous driving of vehicles and robots (AUTO) and Indoor location/positioning solutions (VENUE).

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Electronic Image Stabilization

InvenSense’s high performance motion sensors along with a unique ability to synchronize video frame and motion are the basis for our Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Software IP to provide OEMS with a world class imaging solution. EIS is a highly effective method of compensating for hand jitter that manifest itself in distracting video shake during play.

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InvenSenseTV is the first complete solution for the Interactive TV ecosystem and SmartHome control units. It allows all partners to leverage a unifying platform that supports easy integration of motion control and audio, as well as the monetization and delivery of these services for the entire ecosystem.

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