Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for Camera Phone Modules: Camera phone modules are a commonly used feature in mobile handset devices today. These modules have now evolved to offer higher than 5 Mega Pixel (MP) resolutions with better image quality.

Current market trends driven by smartphone manufacturers are for greater than 8 MP and higher resolution camera phone modules. Trends toward high resolution created the market need for optical image stabilization in order to reject the distortive effects of hand jitter in low light conditions and video jitter in any lighting condition.

Advancements in the camera module assembly and actuator technology, along with the availability of smaller and high performance gyroscopes from InvenSense, have made it possible to incorporate OIS functions directly into handset camera modules while providing image quality comparable to that of a DSC.

The new generation of InvenSense OIS specific 2-axis gyroscopes were specifically designed to meet the requirements of cameras in the smartphone market.

At 3×3 mm they are the smallest 2-axis gyroscopes in the market today and are available in heights as low as 0.75mm allowing them to be integrated in the thinnest and most compact modules to fit the next generation thinner smartphones.

Our single structure gyroscope design with single drive frequency, high sensitivity, high cross-axis isolation, low phase delay, low noise and fast 20MHz SPI interface makes our solution ideal for OIS in current and next generation smartphone camera modules.