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The InvenSense Positioning Library (IPL) location and tracking technology improves accuracy outdoors, in urban canyons and indoors by augmenting absolute positioning technologies such as GNSS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Beacons. Using inertial sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and pressure sensors in mobile and wearable devices, InvenSense’s software platform provides continuous and accurate positioning, and solves the difficult problem of alignment between the person, vehicle and the mobile device to provide accurate tracking in any device orientation.

IPL is a complete inertial navigation software solution for a variety of industries including smartphones, tablets, wearables, vehicle fleet tracking, personnel tracking, and machine guidance and control. IPL can be integrated as either an embedded library or a SDK.


IPL improves GNSS navigation and tracking systems by filtering GNSS multipath errors in deep urban canyons and provides continuous tracking in GNSS-denied environments such as tunnels and parking garages. IPL operates both with and without speed data from the vehicle.

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IPL improves outdoor pedestrian navigation by filtering GNSS multipath errors in deep urban canyons and provides continuous tracking in GNSS-denied environments such as covered pedestrian walkways and during brief passes through buildings. IPL accurately tracks heading and position in any device orientation (in-hand, pocket, phone call, etc.)

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Coursa Sports uses the sensors on smartphone and wearable devices to provide continuous and more accurate speed, distance, and route data to fitness tracking devices and mobile applications. GNSS noise or outages that cause errors or gaps in recorded fitness data are eliminated. The use of sensor data allows devices to reduce GNSS on-time by as much as 75%, enabling fitness tracking at 50% less power.

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IPL provides an indoor pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) solution combining accurate sensor-based positioning with absolute position references from WiFi, beacon, or other technologies, resulting in more accurate location in indoor venues. IPL accurately tracks heading and position in any device orientation (in-hand, pocket, phone call, etc.) and any mode of transit (walk, run, stairs, elevator, escalator, moving walkway, etc). IPL can be optimized for specific venue types, such as retail stores.

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