TDK launches low power MEMS microphone with I²S interface to worldwide distribution

  • T5848 I²S microphones with Acoustic Activity Detect (AAD) provide high sound fidelity at ultra-low power
  • Enables IoT and edge AI applications including wearables, TWS earbuds, AR glasses, smart speakers, home security, action cameras, TV remotes and various AI systems
  • Now available through worldwide distribution channels

June 25, 2024

TDK Corporation (TSE:6762) announces worldwide distribution of its InvenSense SmartSoundTM T5848 I²S microphones to enable intelligent keyword, voice command and sound detection at ultra-low power. Together with the InvenSense SmartSound T5838, the T5848 I²S microphone supports edge and generative AI systems with its innovative Acoustic Activity Detect (AAD) feature – ideal for IoT applications including smart watches, TV remotes, home security, augmented reality glasses, action cameras, smart speakers and TWS earbuds.

Key features and advantages of the T5848 and T5838 microphones for low-power edge AI applications include:

  • Superior performance at low power: In high-quality mode, the T5848 and T5838 deliver 68 dBA SNR and 133 AOP, providing excellent sound fidelity to ensure accurate keyword detection even in noisy environments while only consuming a minuscule 330 µA at 1.8V. They consume only 130 µA in always-on low-power mode, prolonging the battery life of always-on systems.
  • Acoustic Activity Detect (AAD) Feature: T5848 and T5838 can be programmed to listen for acoustic activity indicating keywords or voice commands, allowing the application’s processor to efficiently manage power consumption during idle periods. This enables IoT and edge AI devices to remain in an always-on state, ready to respond to user interactions without draining the battery.

Unique to the T5848 are additional features and advantages including:

  • Simpler system design: T5848 supports the I²S interface, which saves components in the system. It also reduces processing requirements such as filtering the microphone output in the system hardware or software.
  • High SNR for accurate response of AI systems: The exceptional SNR of the T5848 ensures AI systems receive high-quality input, even in noisy surroundings where keywords or voice commands must be distinguished from irrelevant background noise. Such high-quality input improves the accuracy and reliability of response required for next-generation AI systems.

“Voice interface is now ubiquitous in IoT devices as progress in AI technology makes voice interactions more natural and user friendly,” said Uday Mudoi, VP & GM – Microphone Business Unit, InvenSense, a TDK Group Company. “The T5848 with I²S interface enables simpler designs for always-on edge and generative AI systems.”

TDK will demonstrate its microphones and the unique AAD feature at Sensors Converge 2024, booth #920, on June 25 and 26. TDK will present a full range of sensor system solutions targeted for applications across automotive, consumer, health, industrial, machine learning, robotics and more.

TDK’s T5848 microphones are available now for evaluation and integration into various devices. TDK microphones have been integrated by multiple ecosystem partners, which reduces required engineering investment and time to market for edge AI systems with intelligent keyword or audio detection needs.

For more information about the T5848 microphone, visit or contact InvenSense Sales at


  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • AOP: Acoustic Overload Point
  • SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio
  • PDM: Pulse Density Modulation
  • I²S: Inter-IC Sound audio format
  • AAD: Acoustic Activity Detect

Main applications

  • Smart watches
  • Voice activated TV remote controls
  • Window glass break detection
  • Augmented reality glasses
  • Wearables
  • Action cameras
  • Smart speakers

Main features and benefits

  • Low noise digital MEMS microphone with I²S output
  • Multiple operational modes: Sleep, Low Power, High Quality
  • Acoustic Activity Detect (AAD) modes for both Analog and Digital with power consumption as low as 20 µA
  • SNR of 68 dBA and AOP of 133 dB SPL in high quality mode
  • 130 µA in always-on mode and 330 µA in high-performance mode
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant

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