Welcome to TDK at CES 2020, the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. TDK is presenting its broad portfolio includes passive components, such as ceramic, aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, ferrites and inductors, high-frequency products, and piezo and protection components, as well as sensors and sensor systems and power supplies.

  • January 7–10, 2020
  • Las Vegas Convention Center. 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Central Hall, TDK Stand #11448

This year based on the theme of “Make It Attractive,” TDK introduced products that are attracting a happy future society in the seven markets in which we excel. We’re looking forward to your visit!

Attractive IoT

ATL Battery – Li-ion Product Family

The ATL Li-ion battery product family includes high energy density, high power, fast charge and arbitrary-shaped cells and so on. To cope with or even lead the market demand, we have developed various types of li-ion battery cells to meet the needs of many different consumer electronics devices.

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SmartSense – Smart Sensor Module

SmartSense is a small & wireless sensor module designed for a plethora of IoT applications today. From a simple door to an industrial robot, this out-of-box sensor solution from TDK can be used to monitor ‘anything’ accurately and remotely via BLE and WIFI. Just stick the module to an object and you not only get accurate sensor data from TDK sensors but also some meaningful insights from the application.

Some popular IoT applications currently covered by the module include Door Open/Close, Dynamic heading of a Robotic Vacuum, Asset Monitoring, HVAC Filter Monitoring and Air Mouse Monitoring. It also allows autonomous SD card logging for applications that require lots of data to derive real value.

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Attractive Mobility

Automotive 6-axis MotionTracking® MEMS Device for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Applications

Following the vision of Sensing Everything®—and thanks to the proprietary MEMS Fabrication Platform—is the first and only monolithic 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with an ASIL rating according to ISO26262. Thanks to its highly integrated single-chip 6-Axis MEMS Gyroscope and Accelerometer, it features a small QFN 4.5×4.5×1.1 mm3 and offers unparalleled low power consumption for its product category. The ASIL IMU delivers the required accuracy level in all the conditions enabling unprecedent design flexibility for autonomous systems applications.

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Coursa Venue – Infrastructure-Free Personnel and Asset Tracking for Industry 4.0

Coursa Venue is a real time and offline indoor positioning and analytics platform for Industry 4.0 digital transformation. Coursa Venue’s analytics data helps venue owners to monitor worker productivity, safety and workflows and track assets in hospital, factory and warehouse environments.

Coursa Venue applies orientation-free pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) techniques using a mobile device’s gyroscope and accelerometer sensors together with geomagnetic field and RF signal strength (Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)) mapping methods to enable high-accuracy, meter-level precise positioning indoors with little or no new technology infrastructure, enabling cost-effective deployment inside buildings.

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InWheelSense – Real-Time Data and Insight for Tires, Brakes, and Kinematic Systems

TDK InWheelSense sensor solutions platform is designed to power a variety of sensors to enable the battery less intelligent wheel for the next generation Autonomous vehicle safety and drivability.  Real-time data is transmitted via Bluetooth link to the host computer. Such a system offers fresh insights into the real time metrics from the motion, tire, brakes and kinematic systems. This Platform allows integration of a slew of existing and next gen TDK sensors like IMU, pressure, temperature, ultrasonic and microphone.

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Piezo Listen™ – Piezoelectric speaker

The new PiezoListen™ speaker from TDK produces sound over a broader frequency range and with a greater output in the low range than conventional piezoelectric speakers. With a thickness of just 0.49 mm, the PiezoListen is among the thinnest such devices in the world, far surpassing existing speakers. This enables designers to overcome installation space constraints. Moreover, its flexibility makes it possible to produce sound from many different kinds of objects and materials.

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Ultrasonic Fingerprint Technology

TDK has developed UltraPrint, a fingerprint authentication solution based on ultrasound as the sensing method. The solution allows for the use of thicker cover materials including glass, aluminum, plastic, magnesium and stainless steel. These materials enable a level of durability not possible with our fingerprint imaging technologies. In addition, the UltraPrint solution provides excellent authentication performance in the presence of water. This makes it uniquely suited for outdoor applications like automotive and other access controls. Using 2D beamforming, UltraPrint provides images with enough clarity to allow for low performance MCUs for the match, thereby reducing integration costs.

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Pressure Sensor – Waterproof Capacitive Pressure Sensor

The TDK capacitive pressure sensor provides the industry’s lowest and noise and power. This unprecedented performance makes the sensor ideal for activity monitoring in wearable devices.  Wearable devices often come in contact with harsh media which requires a waterproofing and protection of the pressure sensor itself. TDK is demonstrating the world’s lowest power and lowest noise 10atm waterproof sensor capable of measuring pressure differentials of a single stair step.

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Industrial Sensor – New Motion IMU Solutions for the Industrial Market

TDK’s Industrial Motion Sensing Product line offers unique fault tolerance capabilities combined with ultra-low noise and high performance (e.g. 6-axis IMUs offer up to 1.9 deg/hr gyroscope bias instability). With its ability to take precise measurements in harsh environments characterized by the presence of vibration and wide temperature variations, the IIM-4623X product family is applicable to a variety of navigation and stabilization applications including precision agriculture, construction machinery, aerial vehicles and industrial robots.

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Hall Sensor, Current Sensor, Embedded Controller

Micronas Hall-effect based direct angle sensors
The Micronas Hall-sensor family HAL® 39xy featuring stray-field compensation capability was built on the highly flexible architecture for multidimensional magnetic-field measurements, marketed under the trademark masterHAL® . It offers four different measurement modes in a single device: Linear position detection, rotary 360° angle detection and rotary 180° angle detection with stray field compensation including gradient fields as well as the capability for real 3D magnetic field measurement (BX, BY, BZ).

CUR 423x TMR technology based current sensor
TMR sensing technology has already been proven in existing TDK automotive sensor products; now it is paving the way for innovative coreless current-sensing applications with high accuracy. Thanks’ to the new CUR 423x current sensor, the size and weight of future current sensor modules can be reduced. The CUR 423x sensors are the first family members under the curSENS trademark, suited for DC and AC measurements in high-power applications. The galvanically isolated power and sensing circuits are of particular benefit in high-voltage battery monitoring systems of hybrid and electric vehicles (xEV).

Embedded Motor Control with HVC
Investigating for a small and flexible embedded Motor Control solution, the HVC family provides with a fully integrated controller family featuring ARM-Cortex-M3, Flash-Memory, LIN-communication Interface, Automotive Grade Power Supply and even the MOS-transistor H-Bridges. Comparing with other solutions, this full integration allows for a flexible setup without restriction to application and Motor type – DC-, BLDC- and Stepper Motors can be selected and driven just by changing the Software and adapting the Hardware. If it comes to production grade software, we are able as well to provide a related Firmware package for buy-out as result of a cooperation with a leading 3rd party in terms of Automotive and safety applications.

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Attractive Wellness

Biomagnetic Sensors – Biomagnetic Sensors for Activity Monitoring

Thanks to its leading expertise in the development of magnetic components, TDK has succeeded in developing special biomagnetic sensors. They feature an extremely high sensitivity to changes in magnetic field strengths. They are thus able to detect even the very weak magnetic fields of muscles and can be used, for example, for the non-invasive monitoring of cardiac activity.

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Silmee – Versatile Activity Tracker

The Silmee™ W11 is a waterproof wristband activity tracker, which can be operated for up to two weeks on a single battery charge. A wide variety of data can be recorded. These include, for example, number of steps, distance and calories consumed. In addition, it can track sleep duration and states are recorded. All data is displayed in an easy-to-understand form and can be transferred to smartphones via a special app.

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Attractive Connections

µPOL™ – Power Management Solutions

New series of µPOL™ power solutions, ushers in ‘a new era of power management solutions’ with increased performance, smallest available size, ease of use and simplified integration. This technology from TDK is scalable and it is highly configurable with multi-time programmable memory, offering a wide range of flexibility for applications which requires smallest solution size, fast transient, low noise and high efficiency, such as big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G cells, IoT and computing enterprise.

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AVRF Series Multilayer Varistor

AVRF101U6R8KT242 for audio equipment offers both ESD and EMI protection. This product is intended for audio equipment that uses wireless communications in the 2.4 GHz band. Thanks to optimization of its capacitance of 6.8pF, the multilayer component features high attenuation at this frequency and is able to effectively suppress the generated TDMA noise and thus improve receiver sensitivity.

AMS – Total Solution for Real-Time Asset Tracking, Query, Management and Data Analysis

The Asset Management IoT platform provides a systematic process of operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner. It is a total solution for real-time asset tracking, query, management and data analysis. Going beyond asset management, the asset management platform can also monitor the temperature, humidity and air quality of the facility, operation condition of the specified asset etc.

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Flexield – EMI Shielding

The Flexield demo will demonstrate the EMI shielding effectiveness of TDK’s thin, flexible magnetic sheets for various materials and thicknesses. The attendee will be able to see real-time attenuation values and easily swap out to other shields for quick comparisons.

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Attractive Energy

Converters, Capacitors, Programmable Power

The Genesys series of programmable DC power supplies from TDK-Lambda offers the latest in compact size and advanced features. With a wide range of digital interface options and the ability to generate and store waveform sequences internally, the Genesys is able to serve a very wide range of applications where variable DC power is required such as automotive test, avionics test, electronic component test, medical treatment and imaging equipment, high power industrial lasers, advanced battery charging and test, solar panel manufacturing and test, high energy particle physics, and electronics manufacturing equipment.

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The TDK-Lambda 2500W EZA2500-32048 bidirectional DC-DC converter is ideal for solar or wind powered energy storage systems, this power supply can automatically, and continuously, change conversion direction from “grid side” 320Vdc nominal to “battery side” 48Vdc nominal. The output voltage can be programmed or monitored using the RS-485 communication port. The EZA2500 is designed to be used for energy recovery, recycling previously wasted power from battery testers, robots, cranes, elevators and autonomous ground vehicles.

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The TDK-Lambda conduction cooled PFH500F-28 AC-DC power modules utilize GaN semiconductors, bridgeless power factor correction, synchronous rectification and digital control, enabling efficiencies up to 92%. The power supplies are rated at 28V, 504W, feature a compact 4” x 2.4” footprint and have optional Read/Write programming and communication through a PMBus™ interface. These third generation power supplies are ideal for a variety of applications including COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf), power amplifiers, LED displays and test equipment.

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Attractive Robotics

RoboKit Platform – New TDK Robotic Platform

Fundamental to every type of Robot are 3 operations – 1) Sense, 2) Think, and 3) Act. TDK has an extensive technology portfolio that enables these robotic building blocks, introducing the TDK RoboKit platform.
1) For sensing, the platform includes an InvenSense 6-axis IMU and pressure sensor, also included are a magnetometer, temperature sensor and Chirp ultrasonic sensors for ‘3-D sensing’ of the surroundings.
2) For thinking, a Cortex M7 processor runs algorithms to drive the ‘brains’ of the robot.
3) For act operation, a CAN bus interface connects with motor controllers from Micronas.

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Attractive Experience

MEMS Microphone – SoundWire Digital Microphone Interface

The SoundWire® demo showcased at CES 2020 is an interactive audio platform that showcases the application spaces for this new digital microphone interface standard. The demo demonstrates the programmability for SoundWire® and how it can support up to 7 microphones on a single bus. The demo also includes TDK Piezo Listen and TDK Chirp ultrasonic occupancy sensing in one integrated platform.

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Ultrasonic Sensor – AR/VR and ToF Solutions

Chirp Microsystems, a TDK Group Company, is introducing a line of tiny, MEMS-based, ultralow power, ultrasonic time-of-flight (ToF) sensors. Ultrasonic ToF sensors offer numerous advantages over other range and proximity sensors. They deliver the most accurate range measurement regardless of target size or color, and are immune to ambient noise. Also, unlike optical ToF sensors, they work in any lighting conditions including direct sunlight.

At CES 2020, we are showcasing a number of sensing solutions enabled by Chirp’s ultrasonic ToF sensors: SonicTrack 6DoF controller tracking for VR/AR, human presence detection for consumer IoT products, and object detection for robotics.

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PowerHap – Unprecedented Haptic Feedback

PowerHap™ is a family of powerful actuators for active haptic feedback in a very compact design. They are available in different sizes and designs and are therefore suitable for many applications from lightweight mobile devices to heavy industrial or automotive displays. In addition, PowerHap can be used as a sensor that provides an output voltage on its terminals when external force is applied.

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