Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Tech Explainer

Learn more about our ToF solution to help you determine the importance of “accurate range and position measurement” information. Whether in drones, robotic vacuums, VR/AR headsets, smartphones or cars, sensors are proliferating in consumer and industrial systems, to capture depth information in an imaging world that is transitioning from 2D to 3D sensing.

Social Distancing

With TDK Ultrasonic Sensors

Together: We Are All In

When it comes to health and safety, we are all in this together. In the age of social distancing, we are learning to experience life in a new way. Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight technology can help to simplify the transition to distancing living.

Our Responsibility

Our actions affect the health of our families, workplace colleagues, and communities at large. None of us are perfect, and transitioning to social distancing requires a perpetually conscious effort to maintaining a safe distance. Using ultrasonic time-of-flight range finding to maintain the safe distance to others allows you to focus on what’s important – daily work, productivity, life.

How We Can Help

TDK’s MEMS based Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors enable “Sonar on a Chip” in a tiny size package. From the time-of-flight from one sensor to another the distance is calculated and an alert can be issued to the user to maintain a safe distance from one another. Technology benefits:

  • Ultra-low power enables proximity tags to operate for several days
  • High range accuracy and low latency alert users when social distance boundaries are breached
  • Wide FoV enables 360 degree monitoring with minimal sensors
  • Robust range finding in any lighting condition and no false positives from workplace installed social barriers

In this complete hardware and software reference design, combining this ultrasonic solution along with a BLE enabled MCU, realizes a complete social distancing solution including contact tracing and safe distancing for many users.

Use Case – Smart Proximity Tag

The user wears a device with the integrated Ultrasonic ToF sensor. When in close proximity with another tag, the device can send alerts and records the event for contact tracing.



Office Workplace



Staying focused is critical and Ultrasonic ToF technology helps you stay safe and let you know when you need to check your surroundings.

We are all comfortable in the office that’s why using Ultrasonic ToF technology will help your staff remember that staying safe is the most important.

Staying safe in a warehouse has always been a priority, and Ultrasonic ToF technology helps you maintain that standard with even less effort.

Focusing on schoolwork should be your only focus, and with our Ultrasonic ToF technology, distancing is one less thing to think about.


Ultrasonic Social Distancing Reference Design Dev Kit

CH101 Development Kit

CH101 Module

Social Distancing Tag System

A complete ultrasonic social distancing and contact tracing development kit that showcases Chirp’s CH101 ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor.


Need to prototype with more than one ToF sensor? The DK-CH101 includes one CH101 with the option to add up to four additional ultrasonic modules.


This easy to use module is ready for integration into your hardware designs. With different acoustic housings available to adjust your field of view, your solution will be able to detect the objects around it.

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