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Motion at Every Performance Level

InvenSense was the first company to deliver Motion Interface solutions with fully integrated sensors and robust MotionFusion™ firmware algorithms. Our MotionTracking™ devices enable our customers to integrate Motion Interface capability directly into devices with minimal development cost and effort.

InvenSense is a pioneer and leader in the industry, consistently delivering game changing solutions. We began with the world’s first dual-axis MEMS gyroscopes in 2006 for the digital still camera market, the world’s first integrated 3‑axis motion processing solution for smart phones in 2009, the world’s first single‑chip integrated 6‑axis MotionTracking™ device in 2010, the world’s first integrated 9‑axis MotionTracking™ device in 2012; and in 2014, the ICM-20728, the world’s first integrated 7‑axis (3‑axis gyroscope + 3‑axis accelerometer + pressure sensor) single-chip platform solution with onboard Digital Motion Processor (DMP™).

We continue the innovation of our motion products with our latest offerings and state of the art MEMS designs.

Latest Products



The ICM-456xy is an ultra-high-performance 6-axis MEMS motion sensor family with the world’s first BalancedGyro™ technology and lowest power consumption.


Ultra‑low power 6‑Axis IMU targeted at Consumer and IoT applications which require longer battery life. It has the industry’s lowest power consumption for both 6‑axis and accelerometer only operating modes.


6-Axis High performance IMU supporting highly accurate external clock input, that helps to reduce system level sensitivity error, improve orientation measurement from gyroscope data, reduce ODR sensitivity to temperature and device to device variation.


6-axis MotionTracking device that combines a 3‑axis gyroscope, 3‑axis accelerometer, in a small 2.5 × 3 × 0.91 mm (14‑pin LGA) package.

MotionTracking™ solutions with dedicated bundled software


The ICM 42688-V 6-axis IMU with Advanced Sensor Fusion Library is the highest performance and lowest noise consumer IMU available. Compared to traditional consumer-grade IMUs, the ICM-42688-V based solution provides a 10x enhancement in orientation accuracy for IoT applications that require high degrees of performance.


The ICM-40627 6-axis IMU with Air Motion Library is a highly precise, ultra-low-power solution dedicated to motion-control applications such as smart TV remotes, air mouse, presentation pointers, and smart sketching.

Motion Applications




19-bits of gyroscope data and 18- bits of accelerometer data, external clock input, tilt detection, tap detection, and significant motion detection give you cutting edge data and features for your AR/VR/MR applications.

20-bits data format support in FIFO for high-data resolution, 20,000 g shock tolerance, external clock input, and user-programmable digital filters provides the best choice for even the most sensitive and rugged robotics applications.

APEX (Advanced Pedometer and Event Detection – neXt gen), raise to wake/sleep, significant motion detection and the smallest and thinnest LGA package makes ICM-42688-P the ultimate sensor for your wearable applications.

Development Products


A comprehensive development platform for ICM‑42670‑P. Designed around Microchip G55 MCU can be used by developers for rapid evaluation.


A comprehensive development platform for ICM‑42688‑P. Designed around Microchip G55 MCU can be used by developers for rapid evaluation.


A comprehensive development platform for ICM‑42605. Designed around Microchip G55 MCU can be used by developers for rapid evaluation.

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