TDK RoboKit1

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TDK RoboKit1 DK

TDK RoboKit1 Products

TDK RoboKit1 Products

TDK RoboKit1 combines sensors, processors and actuators on a single board making it an ideal robotics platform for quick prototyping and ROS development.

RoboKit1 integrates key product offerings such as 6-axis IMU, industrial IMU modules, capacitive barometric pressure sensor, digital I²S microphone, temp sensor, ultrasonic Time of Flight (ToF) sensors, magnetometer and motor controller on a single PCB.

The open-sourced board supports ROS drivers and algorithms, making it an ideal platform for ROS hobbyists, educational institutions, and a multitude of Robotics developers. The RoboKit platform also provides out of the box integrated software solutions such as obstacle detection, floor type detection, cliff detection (not suitable for RVC application) and dynamic heading detection.

TDK RoboKit1 Development Kit

TDK RoboKit1 Complete Robotics Package



Development Board Package, including:

  • TDK RoboKit1 Development Kit
  • CH101 Ultrasonic Sensor (3x)
  • Ultrasonic Connector Cables (3x)
  • Open-source board design files, firmware, and ROS drivers

Full Robotic Package, including Development Board Package and:

  • 3D printed robot shell with sockets for ToF sensors
  • Chassis with metal plates, standoffs, wheels and motors
  • Industrial IMU Module (IIM-46230)
  • ESP32 BLE module for Bluetooth connectivity
  • On/Off switch*

* note: Battery for RoboKit1 not included.

RoboKit1 Features & Benefits

Comprehensive TDK solution showcase

Microchip SAME70Q21B MCU

  • 2048 KB flash, 348 KB SRAM
  • ARM® Cortex®-M7 running up to 300Mhz
  • Atmel Embedded Debugger (EDBG) over USB3 and SWD

Compatible with multiple processor platforms

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Nvidia Jetson (coming soon)
  • Google Coral Dev Board  (coming soon)
  • Asus Tinker Board 2/2S

Multiple interfaces

  • USB
  • Auxiliary USB2
  • Header with 1.8, 3.3, and 5-volt power
  • 12 GPIO
  • Serial connection
  • UART

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