MotionTracking inertial sensor devices, such as those available from InvenSense, are rapidly becoming a key function in many consumer devices including smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices as they provide an intuitive way for consumers to interact with their electronic devices by tracking motion in free space and delivering these motions as input commands. Accurately tracking complex user motions requires the use of motion sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, compasses, and pressure sensors, fusing the sensor outputs into a single and accurate data stream for use as input commands in consumer electronics devices, and ongoing run-time calibration to ensure an optimal user experience.  These sensor solutions enable mobile applications to reach new levels of sophistication for users –more immersive gaming, accurate indoor and outdoor navigation, augmented reality, and location-based services, adding and increasing new ways to generate revenue for carriers and manufacturers.

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MotionTracking devices from InvenSense offer a high level of inertial sensor performance and integration with motion sensors in combination with the InvenSense proprietary Fabrication Platform which offers the quality advantages of a single monolithic chip solution. In combination with InvenSense inertial sensors, the InvenSense Positioning Library (IPL) provides the software solution for continuous and accurate positioning for dead reckoning requirements in Automotive Navigation Systems. InvenSense offers Microphone solutions with the high SNR performance needed to support in-cabin beamforming which enables hands-free audio communication and voice commands.

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Integrated MotionTracking™ devices, with accelerometers, gyroscopes and other motion sensors, are expected to be incorporated into activity monitors, fitness devices, pedometers, golf and tennis swing analysis tools, and sports kinetics applications.

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InvenSense’s motion sensors are used in industrial applications such as platform and antenna stabilization, precision robotics, inventory control systems, survey instruments, factory equipment, industrial power tools, unmanned aerial vehicles, precision agricultural machinery, guidance and steering applications, and construction equipment.

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