The TDK SmartMotion Platform is a comprehensive development kit for InvenSense Motion Sensor devices. The platform designed around a Microchip SAMG55 MCU can be used by customers for rapid evaluation and development of InvenSense sensor based solutions.

The platform integrates an on-board Embedded Debugger so external tools are not required to program or debug the SAMG55 MCU. The SmartMotion platform runs software including InvenSense MotionLink, a GUI based sensor evaluation tool, and the embedded Motion Drivers for motion sensor software development.

SmartMotion Platform

The below are the currently available Development Kits for the SmartMotion platform:


  • DK-42688-P: Development Kit for ICM-42688-P 6-Axis Motion Sensor (NEW!)

  • DK-42605: Development Kit for ICM-42605 6-Axis Motion Sensor

  • DK-20680A: Development Kit for ICM-20680 6-Axis Automotive Motion Sensor

  • DK-20602: Development Kit for ICM-20602 6-Axis Motion Sensor

  • DK-20648: Development Kit for ICM-20648 6-Axis Motion Sensor

  • DK-20789: Development Kit for ICM-20789 7-Axis Motion Sensor

  • DK-20948: Development Kit for ICM-20948 9-Axis Motion Sensor

  • DK-10100: Development Kit for ICP-10100 1-Axis Pressure Sensor

  • DK-10101: Development Kit for ICP-10101 1-Axis Pressure Sensor

  • DK-10110: Development Kit for ICP-10110 1-Axis Pressure Sensor

  • DK-10111: Development Kit for ICP-10110 1-Axis Pressure Sensor