Smart Remotes

InvenSenseTV is the first complete solution for the Interactive TV ecosystem and SmartHome control units. It allows all partners to leverage a unifying platform that supports easy integration of motion control and audio, as well as the monetization and delivery of these services for the entire ecosystem.

Our InvenSenseTV products and tools bring motion to service providers, device manufacturers, SmartHome solution providers, and apps developers, revolutionizing home entertainment and SmartHome control. The InvenSenseTV platform enables Pay TV ecosystem partners to easily create a complete motion-enabled entertainment experience for consumers. New generation Set-Top Boxes (STBs) and Smart TVs (DTVs) are providing more varied types of digital entertainment and information from a multitude of sources. As a result, consumers need easier, more effective ways to navigate rich user interfaces, interact with apps, and to control content and SmartHome devices.

With an extensive portfolio of analog, digital, and I²S microphones, along with leading edge 6- and 9-axis motion sensors, and a feature-rich software package enabling pointing, gestures, and gaming, InvenSense is uniquely positioned to be the one-stop shop for all partners and OEMs.

You can learn more about InvenSenseTV, and download the software package by registering for our Developers Corner.