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Analog Microphones

Smart Multi-Format MEMS Microphone Evaluation Module


TDK’s SmartSound One (MD-54001-D58) is a USB plug-and-play microphone interface module that enables rapid evaluation and development of TDK Analog and Digital MEMS microphone solutions. Users can plug in up to two microphones to capture and transmit high quality stereo audio using standard audio packets over the USB connection.

Contents of SmartSound One Kit
1x SmartSound One Evaluation Module
1x USB Cable
1x TDK flexible PCB MEMS microphones, EV_T5837-FX2

Ordering Information
Part Number: MD-54001-D58

The User can capture this audio using their favorite recording software for detailed analysis or use as a real-time microphone input. This module supports PDM Digital, I²S Digital, Single-ended Analog and Differential analog microphones.

Use your favorite recording software to capture the audio from the TDK SmartSound One for later playback or detailed analysis.

TDK SmartSound One

Featured Markets

  • Smartphones
  • Microphone Arrays
  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Notebook PCs
  • Security and Surveillance

SmartSound One Features & Benefits

  • All-in-one microphone interface evaluation module
  • Standard USB connection for data and power
  • Plug-and-play functionality – no programming or soldering required
  • Simple user push button interface to select common microphone output types (Analog Single-ended, Analog Differential, Digital PDM, Digital I²S)
  • High quality stereo audio capture to any PC recording software or as a real-time microphone input

Flexible PCB compatible with SmartSound One Evaluation Module

Flex Part NumberOutput TypeMicrophoneDocumentationPurchase
EV_T5837-FX2Digital PDMT5837AN-000361
EV_T5838-FX2Digital PDMT5838AN-000278
EV_T5848-FX2Digital I²ST5848AN-000376
EV_T3902-FX2Digital PDMT3902
EV_ICS-40720-FX2Analog DifferentialICS-40720
EV_ICS-40800-FX2Analog Single-EndedICS-40800

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