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Long-Range Ultra-Low-Power Integrated MEMS Ultrasonic Time‑of‑Flight Range Sensor with Millimeter Accuracy

Chirp’s MEMS based ultrasonic technology leverages a Time‑of‑Flight (ToF) range sensor with a power-efficient digital signal processor (DSP) ASIC in a 3.5 × 3.5 mm package. The sensor handles a variety of ultrasonic signal-processing functions and algorithms, enabling customers flexible industrial design options for a broad range of use-case scenarios, including range-finding, presence and proximity sensing, object-detection and avoidance, and position-tracking.

Complementing Chirp’s miniature CH101 ultrasonic ToF sensor product, the CH201 provides accurate range measurements to targets at distances up to 5 meters. Using ultrasonic measurements, the sensor works in any lighting conditions, including full sunlight to complete darkness, and provides millimeter-accurate range measurements independent of the target’s color and optical transparency. The sensor’s wide Field‑of‑View (FoV) can be customized and enables simultaneous range measurements to multiple objects in its FoV.


Featured Markets

  • User presence in Home/Building Automation and Personal Electronics
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Robotics and Drones
  • Ultra-low power remote presence-sensing nodes
  • AR/VR and Gaming
  • Gesture control
  • Liquid level sensing
  • shelf inventory monitoring

Product Details

ProductOperationPackage Size
Current Consumption
(1sample/s, 1m Range)

Pulse-Echo3.5 × 3.5 × 1.26,
8-pin LGA
Up to 513.5 uAI²CField-of-View (FoV):
Configurable Up to 180°

Features & Benefits

  • Detects objects of any color and optical transparency up to 5m
  • Ultra-Low Power
  • Works in Any Lighting Condition
  • Customizable field of view (FoV) up to 180°
  • Integrated 3.5 × 3.5 × 1.26 mm Package
  • Low-power SoC firmware for ultrasonic processing a wide-range of usage cases


Presence Detection

Smart Locks

Smart Home & IoT


Ultra-low power and low latency Ultrasonic ToF sensors detect presence and minor motion under any lighting condition

Learn more about Presence Detection

Always-on battery powered smart locks utilize ultra-low power Ultrasonic ToF sensors to enable feature rich smart locks

Compact ultrasonic ToF sensors enable presence detection in any lighting condition

Compact and light weight ultrasonic ToF sensors enable range finding for obstacle avoidance and landing under any environmental condition

Evaluation Tools

CH201 Development Kit

CH201 45° FoV Module



Comprehensive development platform for CH201, with the ability to connect up to four additional CH201 modules.

Ultrasonic ToF 45° FoV sensor module for rapid prototyping and integration into product enclosures

Acoustic Housing Options

Documentation & Resources

Datasheet / Product BriefVersionUpdatedDownload
DS-000379 – CH201 Datasheet1.22021-01-07Datasheet

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