AN-000048 – PDM Digital Output MEMS Microphone Flex Evaluation Board User Guide

This user guide applies to the following MEMS microphone evaluation boards:

  • EV_ICS-41350-FX
  • EV_ICS-41351-FX
  • EV_ICS-51360-FX
  • EV_INMP421-FX
  • EV_INMP521-FX
  • EV_INMP522-FX
  • EV_INMP621-FX
  • EV_T3902-FX
  • EV_T5818-FX

This is a simple evaluation board that allows quick evaluation of the performance of PDM MEMS microphones. The small size and low profile of the flexible PCB enables direct placement of the microphone into a prototype or an existing design for an in situ evaluation. The evaluation board consists of a bottom port microphone soldered to a flexible PCB with color-coded wires attached. The only other component on the board is a 0.1μF supply bypass capacitor.

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