Embedded Motion Driver 20x48 – Users Guide
Embedded Motion Driver 20x48 – Users Guide

Embedded Motion Driver 20×48 – User Guide

The Embedded Motion Driver is an embedded software stack of the sensor driver layer that easily configures and leverages many of the features of InvenSense motion tracking solutions. Invensense release of the eMDs implements several sensor fusion algorithms for customers to use such as Quaternion generations and gesture detections. Detailed descriptions of the features are in section 7 Features Overview.

The eMD is designed as a solution which can be easily ported to most MCUs. With the release of the eMD 20X48 it includes a complete 9-axis solution with sensor fusion, calibration, and common gesture detection all running on the DMP. The eMD release package contains an example project built on top of a bare metal ST Discovery evaluation aboard with an ARM M4.

This document details how to set up the hardware and get the default projects up and running. It is recommended as a good way to understand the Motion Driver algorithms, DMP, and hardware features.

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