ICG-1020S Datasheet


The ICG-1020S dual-axis MEMS angular rate sensor is designed for optical image stabilization (OIS) applications in smartphone camera modules and other mobile devices.

The ICG-1020S supports up to 32 kHz ODR for backward compatibility to other InvenSense dedicated OIS gyroscope products. This device provides extremely low RMS noise as well as noise density.

The high-resolution gyros support a programmable full-scale range of ±46.5 dps to ±374 degrees/sec, fast sample rate at up to 32 KHz, low phase delay including a fast 20 MHz SPI interface, very low rate noise at 4 mdps/√Hz, and extremely low power consumption at 2.5 mA. Precise sensitivity control allows a calibration-less strategy for gyroscope to save production cost and time by eliminating the shake table.