ICS-40720 Datasheet

ICS-40720 Datasheet


The ICS-40720 is an ultra-low noise, differential analog output, bottom-ported MEMS microphone. The ICS-40720 includes a MEMS microphone element, an impedance converter, a differential output amplifier and an enhanced RF package. The ICS-40720’s 70 dB SNR and ±2 dB sensitivity tolerance make it an excellent choice for microphone arrays and voice control applications.

The ICS-40720 has a linear response up to 124 dB SPL with a differential output sensitivity specification of −32 dBV. It can be used in a single-ended mode with −38 dBV sensitivity and the same high SNR.

The ICS-40720 is available in a small 4 × 3 × 1.2 mm surface-mount package.

Version 1.4