MOD_CH101-0x-03 Datasheet

The MOD_CH101-0x-03 is a miniature, ultra-low-power ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) range sensor with a particle ingress filter ready for an acoustic housing placement to achieve the desired field-of-view. Based on Chirp’s patented MEMS technology, the CH101 is a system-inpackage that integrates a PMUT (Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer) together with an ultra-low-power SoC (System on Chip) mounted on a small PCB. The SoC runs Chirp’s advanced ultrasonic DSP algorithms and includes an integrated microcontroller that provides digital range readings via I²C.

The MOD_CH101-0x-03 is easily integrated with an acoustic housing allowing for a wide range of ToF applications. It incorporates a removable release liner that protects the pressure sensitive adhesive used for mounting an acoustic housing (the sensor module is shipped without an acoustic housing). The module integrates a particle ingress filter (Saati part number B042H).