The MPU-3050™ features the industry’s first 3-axis gyroscope with an embedded Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) hardware accelerator engine. Today’s multipurpose smart phones require a small, low-power gyro to provide wide bandwidth for motion-based gaming, as well as high sensitivity and low noise performance for navigation assistance, video and still image stabilization, and accurate gesture user interface control. The MPU-3050 provides a series of industry-first features for complete motion processing in smart phones, including the widest range of motions from 250 to over 2000°/sec, built-in 16-bit ADCs, programmable digital filters, factory calibration to 1% sensitivity, built-in 6-axis MotionFusion™ and 13 mW power consumption.

With a 4 mm x 4 mm x 0.9 mm footprint and I²C digital interface, the MPU-3050 MotionProcessor™ is the first of its kind to address handset requirements. The MPU-3000 family extends the traditional inertial sensor architecture with the industry’s first embedded DMP, together with an embedded FIFO, which offloads high-frequency motion algorithm computation from the host application processor, reducing interrupts and host MIPS to improve overall system performance.

The MPU-3050 also integrates a secondary I²C interface to link an external accelerometer to the DMP, another first in the market. This enables the DMP to perform 6-axis MotionFusion by integrating output from the gyroscope and accelerometer, and report quaternion output to the handset application processor, offloading the host from sensor timing synchronization and MotionFusion computation. Other features of the MPU-3000 family include internal clock generation, an embedded temperature sensor, programmable interrupts, and an FSYNC pin for synchronizing image, video and GPS data.

For power supply flexibility, the MPU-3050 has a separate VLOGIC reference pin in addition to its analog supply pin, which sets the logic levels of its I²C interface. The VLOGIC voltage may be anywhere from 1.71 V minimum to VDD maximum.

The patented and volume-proven CM0S-MEMS fabrication platform enables highly scalable MEMS fabrication and wafer-level packaging by integrating MEMS and CMOS on a single silicon wafer. This wafer-level integration enables the industry’s lowest noise specification of 0.01%/√Hz, lowest power consumption, and smallest package size at the lowest possible cost.

Note: The MPU-3050 is not recommended for new designs

Product Details

Part # Gyro Full Scale Range Gyro Rate Noise Digital Output Logic Supply Voltage Operating Voltage Supply Package Size
UNITS: (°/sec) mdps/rtHz (V) (V) (mm)
0.01 I²C 1.71 to VDD 2.1 to 3.6 4x4x0.9


  • Smallest and Thinnest 4 mm x 4 mm x 0.9mm QFN Package for Portable Devices
  • 6-Axis MotionProcessing™ Capability Using Secondary I²C Interface to Link an External Accelerometer
  • Digital Motion Processing (DMP) Engine Supports 3D Motion Processing and Gesture Recognition Algorithms
  • Programmable Digital High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters Support for Each Motion Processing Application
  • MotionApps™ Platform Support for Android™, Linux™, Windows™, and Windows Mobile™ Platforms
  • Digital-output X-, Y-, and Z-Axis angular rate sensors (gyros) on one integrated circuit with a full-scale range of ±250 to ±2000°/sec
  • FIFO buffers complete data set, reducing timing requirements and interrupts on the applications processor
  • Programmable interrupt support features including gesture recognition, panning, zooming, scrolling, zero-motion detection, tap detection, and shake detection
  • 10,000 g Shock Tolerant
  • Low 6.1 mA Operating Current Consumption
  • Three integrated 16-bit ADCs provide simultaneous sampling of gyros
  • Digital-Output Temperature Sensor