The TDK RoboKit is a new development kit that enables seamless integration of solutions from TDK’s portfolio specially designed for the robotics market.

RoboKit integrates key TDK offerings such as InvenSense ICM-42688-P 6-axis Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU), InvenSense ICP-10111 capacitive barometric pressure sensor, InvenSense ICS-43434 multimode digital microphone, Chirp CH-101 and CH-201 ultrasonic Time of Flight (ToF) sensors, and Micronas motor controller, angle sensor, and pressure sensors.

TDK delivers solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the robotics market, such as heading accuracy of under 10 degrees per hour using InvenSense IMUs and RoboVac software, market-ready inertial navigation system (INS) from Coursa Drive, robust obstacle detection for any color objects in all lighting conditions using Chirp ultrasonic ToF sensor, in addition to robot joint control using Micronas motor controllers. Also included are a temperature sensor and a magnetometer.

The TDK RoboKit software also integrates with the leading operating system, ROS. ROS-ready drivers for IMU and ultrasonic range sensor are available now. If you’re interested in RoboKit, click here to contact us about it!


  • Industrial Robotics
  • Consumer Robotics
  • Drones


  • 6-axis: 3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer
  • Ultra-low noise and exceptional relative accuracy
  • Ultra-low power
  • Best gyroscope temperature stability
  • Ultrasonic-based obstacle detection regardless of object color, materials, and ambient lighting conditions and without privacy or safety concerns
  • Cost-effective near-range sensing covering the blind zones of computer vision (CV) or lidar based solutions

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