TDK MEMS Microphones showcased in Synaptics AudioSmart® Solution at 2017 Sensors Developers Conference

  • The ICS-40212 and ICS-40720 analog output and the ICS-41350 PDM digital output MEMS microphones are approved for use with Synaptics AudioSmart AVS solution
  • InvenSense high performance microphones offer high SNR and very low power at a frequency bandwidth up to 20kHz

October 24, 2017

TDK Corporation announces that Synaptics will showcase their AudioSmart solution for Amazon Voice Services, using InvenSense high performance MEMS microphones, at the 2017 TDK Sensor Developers Conference in Santa Clara on Oct 23rd and 24th.

The ICS-40212 and ICS-40720 analog output and the ICS-41350 PDM digital output MEMS microphones are approved for use with the Synaptics AudioSmart AVS solution. These microphones offer high SNR and very low power at a frequency bandwidth up to 20kHz.   High performance microphones are key in enabling voice based services that are now becoming commonplace in many homes. TDK microphones feature high signal to noise ratio (SNR) and very low power at a frequency bandwidth up to 20kHz. The TDK and Synaptics technology combined are enabling smart speakers, home hubs, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications to achieve their full potential.

“We are excited that our high-performance MEMS microphone solutions have been included with the Synaptics silicon- and software-based AudioSmart solution to enhance, enrich and expand user experience in the home speaker and IoT market,” said Kieran Harney, managing director, audio products, TDK. “We are pleased to welcome Synaptics to present the TDK/Synaptics solution at the TDK Sensor Developer Conference.”

“Synaptics is excited to be part of the TDK Sensor Developers Conference where we can showcase our innovations that help proliferate the expansion of voice-enabled devices,” said Saleel Awsare, vice president and general manager, audio and imaging business, Synaptics.  “The combination of our voice and speech processing solutions with TDK’s market leading high-performance MEMS microphones will help device manufacturers quickly bring their voice-enabled solutions to market.”

InvenSense ICS-40212, ICS-40720, and ICS-41350 MEMS microphone solutions will be showcased at the 2017 TDK Sensors Developers Conference to be held October 23-24, 2017 at the Santa Clara Marriott, in Santa Clara, California, USA.  The conference focuses on the “World of Sensors” and will share the latest InvenSense motion and sound product portfolio and introduce new sensor companies from the TDK group. TDK, EPCOS, ICsense, TDK-Micronas, and Tronics, will accompany InvenSense to highlight their solutions and together represent TDK, showcasing a variety of new sensor products and solutions. To schedule press and partner meetings for the complete TDK group at the show, contact For additional information about the InvenSense MEMS microphone solutions, please visit or contact InvenSense Sales at




  • MEMS: Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems
  • SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio
  • PDM: Pulse-Density Modulation


Key applications

  • ICS-40212:
    • Home Speakers
    • IoT Devices
    • Smartphones, Tablets, Smart Watches
    • Wearables, Activity Monitoring
    • Always-on Listening
  • ICS-40720:
    • Home Speakers
    • Teleconferencing Systems
    • Digital Still and Video Cameras
    • Security and Surveillance
    • Microphone Arrays
    • Voice Control and Activation
  • ICS-41350:
    • Home Speakers
    • Smartphones, Tablets, Notebook PCs
    • Microphone Arrays
    • Cameras, Bluetooth Headsets
    • Security and Surveillance
    • Always-on Listening


Main features and benefits

  • High SNR ICS-40720 70dBA
  • Low power in standard mode, very low power mode for always-on listening
  • 20kHz bandwidth
  • Very tight matching for array processing


Key data

Product Packaging Dimensions (mm) SNR dBA Low Power Mode µA Bandwidth kHz Low Frequency Corner Hz
ICS-40212 3.50 × 2.65 × 0.98 66 55 20 35
ICS-40720 4.00 x 3.00 x 1.20 70 NA 20 75
ICS-41350 3.50 × 2.65 × 0.98 64 195 20 50



About TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation is a leading electronics company based in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1935 to commercialize ferrite, a key material in electronic and magnetic products. TDK’s portfolio includes passive components, such as ceramic, aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, ferrites and inductors, high-frequency products, and piezo and protection components, as well as sensors and sensor systems and power supplies. These products are marketed under the product brands TDK, EPCOS, InvenSense, Micronas, Tronics and TDK-Lambda. TDK’s further main product groups include magnetic application products, energy devices, and flash memory application devices. TDK focuses on demanding markets in the areas of information and communication technology and automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. The company has a network of design and manufacturing locations and sales offices in Asia, Europe, and in North and South America. In fiscal 2017, TDK posted total sales of USD 10.5 billion and employed about 100,000 people worldwide.


About InvenSense

InvenSense, Inc., a TDK Group company, is a world leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms. InvenSense’s vision of Sensing Everything® targets the consumer electronics and industrial areas with integrated Motion and Sound solutions. InvenSense’s solutions combine MEMS (micro electrical mechanical systems) sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, and microphones with proprietary algorithms and firmware that intelligently process, synthesize, and calibrate the output of sensors, maximizing performance and accuracy. InvenSense’s motion tracking, audio and location platforms, and services can be found in Mobile, Wearables, Smart Home, Industrial, Automotive, and IoT products. In May of 2017, InvenSense became part of the MEMS Sensors Business Group within the newly formed Sensor Systems Business Company of TDK Corporation. InvenSense is headquartered in San Jose, California and has offices worldwide. For more information, go to and



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