End user products using TDK technology

Kaadas K9-F 3D Face Push-Pull WiFi smart door lock

Utilizing TDK's SmartSonic™ CH201 UltraSonic ToF Sensor

SmartSonic™ Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Sensors are powering the auto-wake function in the Kaadas K9-F 3D Face Push-Pull WiFi smart door lock. The ultra-low-power of the CH201 greatly extends the battery life of the lock. Follow the below links for more information.

Read Press Release   |  Visit Kaadas Website  |  View CH201 Product Page


Humanizing Sensor Technology

Longevity Commitment

Introducing Product Longevity Program. Longevity starts with R&D and continues throughout the lifecycle of the product. Starting with select SmartIndustrial™ and SmartAutomotive™ products, we have committed to 10 years of product support, giving you even more confidence in your design longevity.


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