SmartSound™ Overview

InvenSense’s analog and digital microphone portfolios build on a strong heritage of industry firsts, including continuous improvement of MEMS microphone SNR, ever-higher integration levels, and even lower power consumption. Technological advances like these have enabled machine speech recognition & adaptive noise suppression to become commonplace in consumer devices and other applications.

Humans intuitively understand audio capture to be a critical factor in awareness of their surroundings. InvenSense is working to enable the same level of awareness for smart devices with leading-edge MEMS microphones. InvenSense combines the capability to sense audio along with cutting-edge motion detection, which is important for many contextual awareness applications.

RoboKit1 Product Offerings

TDK RoboKit1 Development Kit

TDK RoboKit1 Complete Robotics Package



Development Board Package, including:

  • TDK RoboKit1 Development Kit
  • CH101 Ultrasonic Sensor (3x)
  • Ultrasonic Connector Cables (3x)
  • Open-source board design files, firmware, and ROS drivers

Full Robotic Package, including Development Board Package and:

  • 3D printed robot shell with sockets for ToF sensors
  • Chassis with metal plates, standoffs, wheels and motors
  • Industrial IMU Module (IIM-46230)
  • ESP32 BLE module for Bluetooth connectivity
  • On/Off switch*

* note: Battery for RoboKit1 not included.

RoboKit1 Features & Benefits

Comprehensive TDK solution showcase

Microchip SAME70Q21B MCU

  • 2048 KB flash, 348 KB SRAM
  • ARM® Cortex®-M7 running up to 300Mhz
  • Atmel Embedded Debugger (EDBG) over USB3 and SWD

Compatible with multiple processor platforms

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Nvidia Jetson (coming soon)
  • Google Coral Dev Board  (coming soon)
  • Asus Tinker Board 2/2S

Multiple interfaces

  • USB
  • Auxiliary USB2
  • Header with 1.8, 3.3, and 5-volt power
  • 12 GPIO
  • Serial connection
  • UART

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