The IDG-2020 and IXZ-2020 are single-chip, digital output, 2 Axis MEMS gyroscope ICs which feature a 512-byte FIFO. In applications such as Electronic Image Stabilization, the gyro output is sampled at a fast rate, e.g.1 KHz, but is only needed at the video frame rate (ex: 30 fps). The FIFO can store the samples within a frame, lower the traffic on the serial bus interface, and reduce power consumption by allowing the system processor to burst read sensor data and then go into a low-power mode. The FSYNC (Frame Sync) input allows precise timing to be achieved with Video Frame Sync at the host level for read out of the frame data.

The OIS gyros include specific features to enhance OIS performance including a narrow programmable full-scale range of ±31.25, ±62.5, ±125, and ±250 degrees/sec, fast sampling of the gyro output at up to 32KHz, low phase delay including fast 20MHz read out through SPI interface, very low Rate noise at 0.0065 dps/√Hz and extremely low power consumption at 2.9 mA for 2 axis operation. Factory-calibrated initial sensitivity reduces production-line calibration requirements.

Other industry-leading features include on-chip 16-bit ADCs, programmable digital filters, a precision clock with 1% drift from -40°C to 85°C, an embedded temperature sensor, and programmable interrupts. The device features I2C and SPI serial interfaces, a VDD operating range of 1.71 to 3.6V, and a separate digital IO supply, VDDIO from 1.71 V to 3.6 V.

Product Details

Part # Gyro Full Scale Range Gyro Rate Noise Digital Output Operating Voltage Supply Package Size
UNITS: (°/sec) mdps/rtHz (V) (mm)
I²C SPI 1.71 to 3.6 3x3x0.9


  • Sensors
  • Monolithic angular rate sensor (gyros) integrated circuit
  • Available in XY (IDG-2020) and XZ (IXZ-2020) versions.
  • Digital-output temperature sensor
  • External sync signal connected to the FSYNC pin supports image, video and GPS synchronization
  • Factory calibrated scale factor
  • High cross-axis isolation via proprietary MEMS design
  • 10,000g shock tolerant
  • Digital Output
  • Fast Mode (400kHz) I2C serial interface
  • 1 MHz SPI serial interface for full read/write capability
  • 20 MHz SPI to read gyro sensor & temp sensor data.
  • 16-bit ADCs for digitizing sensor outputs
  • User-programmable full-scale-range of ±31.25°/sec, ±62.5°/sec, ±125°/sec and ±250°/sec
  • Data Processing
  • The total data set obtained by the device includes gyroscope data, temperature data, and the one bit external sync signal connected to the FSYNC pin.
  • FIFO allows burst read, reduces serial bus traffic and saves power on the system processor.
  • FIFO can be accessed through both I2C and SPI interfaces.
  • Programmable interrupt
  • Programmable low-pass filters
  • Clocking
  • On-chip timing generator clock frequency ±1% drift over full temperature range
  • Power
  • VDD supply voltage range of 1.71V to 3.6V
  • Flexible VDDIO reference voltage allows for multiple I2C and SPI interface voltage levels
  • Power consumption for two axes active: 2.9mA
  • Sleep mode: 5μA
  • Each axis can be individually powered down
  • Package
  • 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.90 mm footprint and maximum thickness 16-pin QFN plastic package
  • MEMS structure hermetically sealed at wafer level
  • RoHS and Green compliant