Industrial Grade MEMS Sensors

Industrial applications include precision agriculture, construction machinery, drones, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), robots, and industrial motors. Motion sensor data has become critical in enabling automation, improving efficiency, and monitoring conditions in these industrial applications. TDK’s SmartIndustrial™ portfolio of 6-Axis IMU and 3-Axis Accelerometer products delivers the precise motion, vibration, and inclination measurements that these applications need. These products offer the ability to take precise measurements in harsh environments with vibration and wide temperature variations.

TDK’s broad portfolio of Industrial Motion Sensing solutions offers customers a range of performance and cost choices, enabling a wide variety of Industrial navigation, stabilization, and monitoring applications.

By combining its innovative MEMS Motion Sensor technologies with its expertise of Industrial applications, TDK offers unique capabilities such as fault-tolerant motion sensing solution.


MEMS Barometric Pressure Sensors

TDK InvenSense’s barometric pressure sensors use an innovative capacitive MEMS architecture to deliver lower power consumption and lower noise than competing technologies. The SmartPressure products can measure height change as small as 5 cm, which is less than the height of a single stair step.

With its industry-leading measurement accuracy and ultra-low power operation for always-on applications, the SmartPressure product family is best suited for smart phones, tablets, wearables, drones, and many other devices to determine accurate location of E911 calls, track changes in elevation for activity monitoring, support indoor or 3D navigation, and other motion- or position-based services.

The SmartPressure product family includes support for waterproofing to 10 ATM. 

Each has a Development Kit so that you can rapidly evaluate these within your application.