AN-000258 – ICM-42607x and ICM-42670x DMP Mode Accelerometer and Gyroscope Self-Test


This document explains how to run the DMP-based self-test procedure in ICM-42607x and ICM-42670x and the associated parameters.

The ICM-42607x and ICM-42670x self-test is embedded in DMP ROM software and enables customers to perform a functional test of the mechanical and electrical integrity of the sensor without requiring physical device movement.

When running self-test, DMP is responsible for accel and gyro configuration.

It is not required for the host to save/restore sensor configuration.

‘During self-test, the part under test must be static and without movement. Any motion applied to the part under test will cause self-test to fail.

Self-test uses the same RAM section as the APEX features. Therefore, the host has to re-initialize APEX after self-test execution.

Version 1.2