AN-000455 – DK-42688P-9X and DK-42670P-9X User Guide


The purpose of this document is to give an overview of TDK-InvenSense DK-42688P-9X and DK-42670P-9X Reference Design Kits.
Each kit consists of:

  • TDK Motion Sensor ICM-42688-P or ICM-42670-P SmartMotion Development kit:
    • DK-42688-P or DK-42670-P
  • iSentek Magnetic sensor IST-8306 Daughter board
  • MotionLink (Windows Evaluation Software Tool)
  • Software (eMD) drivers
  • A generic sensor fusion library

The 9-axis sensor data is obtained for evaluation using TDK InvenSense MotionLink software (a Windows GUI). In addition, software drivers (eMD) for both Motion and Magnetic sensors are available for sensor integration into various applications. A generic sensor fusion library running inside kits provides a referencing out-of-box motion tracking solution for applications like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Hearables, Gaming, Wearables, smartphones, tablets, and robotics.

Version 1.0