ICS-40181 Datasheet
ICS-40181 Datasheet

ICS-40181 Datasheet


The ICS-40181 is an analog MEMS microphone with high SNR and enhanced RF immunity. The ICS-40181 includes a MEMS microphone element, an impedance converter, and an output amplifier.

Other high-performance specification include a linear response up to 124dB SPL, tight ±1 dB sensitivity tolerance and enhanced immunity to both radiated and conducted RF interference.

This microphone’s electro-acoustic performance matches the bottom port ICS-40180, making this pair of microphones suitable to use together in applications requiring both top and bottom port devices.

The ICS-40181 is available in a small 3.5 mm × 2.65 mm × 0.98 mm surface-mount package.

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