InvenSense And AutoNavi Partner To Provide High-Accuracy, High-Availability Turn-By-Turn Navigation User Experience To Huawei Smartphones

InvenSense Positioning Library and AutoNavi’s Map Matching Engine Reduce Navigation Re-routing and Signal Loss in Urban Driving Environments

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 28, 2017– InvenSense, Inc. (NYSE: INVN), a leading provider of MEMS sensor platform solutions, and AutoNavi, a division of Alibaba Group and China’s leading provider of digital maps, announced the integration of the InvenSense Positioning Library (IPL) and the map matching engine inside AutoNavi’s mobile map application enabling an improved user experience for Huawei smartphones. This new platform creates a feedback loop interface between the respective technologies, virtually eliminating GNSS (GPS) signal outages and navigation re-routing, providing a best-in-class navigation experience to consumers. This is realized through efficient and platform-independent Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provided by IPL. The recently launched Huawei P10 and P10 Plus smartphones are the first models to incorporate this capability. InvenSense’s IPL processes data from the gyroscope, accelerometer, and barometric pressure sensors inside smartphones to provide sensor-enhanced navigation in areas with poor GNSS signal quality providing high-availability, high-accuracy turn-by-turn navigation user experiences to consumers.

Through collaboration with AutoNavi, InvenSense’s IPL further enhances the user experience by utilizing position feedback from their map matching process to provide valuable feedback to IPL’s position estimation. Map matching is a technique that takes location data and best-fits it to a street grid; this works well as long as the underlying GNSS fixes are reasonably accurate. In deep urban canyons this is not always the case, causing map matching to snap positions to a wrong street producing erroneous re-routing. By intelligently fusing data from the inertial sensors, GNSS, and the map matching engine, the IPL solution can generate the most accurate positions to the navigation solution even when GNSS is inaccurate or not available.

“After several generations of successful IPL deployments, Huawei asked InvenSense ‘how can we make the user experience even better’,” said Eitan Medina, vice president marketing and product management at InvenSense. “With the added inputs from the map matching engine, IPL enables Huawei’s smartphones and AutoNavi’s turn-by-turn navigation to be more immune to scenarios with poor GPS signals enabling a more fluid user experience with fewer erroneous re-routes.”

IPL is available now for smartphones using Android, iOS, and automotive and industrial embedded systems. For additional information about the InvenSense IPL solution, please visit or contact InvenSense Sales at

About InvenSense

InvenSense, Inc. (NYSE: INVN) is the world’s leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms. The company’s patented InvenSense Fabrication Platform and MotionFusion® technology address the emerging needs of many mass-market consumer applications via improved performance, accuracy, and intuitive motion-, gesture- and sound-based interfaces. InvenSense technology can be found in Mobile, Wearables, Smart Home, Industrial, and Automotive products. InvenSense is headquartered in San Jose, California and has offices in Boston, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, France, Canada, Slovakia and Italy. More information can be found at or follow us on Twitter at @InvenSense.

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