TDK’s new 6-axis ASIL-rated IMU enables unprecedented design flexibility for accurate ADAS and autonomous car systems

  • New monolithic 6-axis IMU with six separate masses and ASIL-B rating
  • Industry-leading small size automotive 6-axis ASIL-B MEMS IMU (3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope)
  • Unparalleled low-power consumption in its product category
  • Developed according to ISO 26262
  • Automotive qualified per AEC-Q100 grade 2 (operating range -40°C to 105°C)


January 11, 2021

TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762) announces the availability of the InvenSense IAM-20685, the latest release in the SmartAutomotive™ product family. The IAM-20685 is a new ASIL-B monolithic 6-axis MEMS IMU developed in compliance with ISO 26262.

Taking advantage of TDK’s proprietary MEMS fabrication platform and technology, the IAM-20685 features a highly integrated single-chip 6-axis MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer combination in a small plastic package. Offering unparalleled low-power consumption, compared to competitive sensor solutions within the same product category, the IAM-20685 enables system-orientation-free mounting and unprecedented design flexibility for autonomous systems applications.

The IAM-20685 delivers six degrees of freedom, sustaining dynamic, highly accurate data under all conditions directly to the ADAS within the vehicle, to automate and enhance the driver experience when driving or parking. It reports high resolution, stable and reliable 16-bits acceleration and angular velocity along the three orthogonal axes. This enables parking-assistance systems to efficiently determine the vehicle’s motion and vision systems to enable stabilization techniques and improve image quality, and for positioning systems to enhance absolute position accuracy. Due to six separate masses integrated in its monolithic structure, IAM-20685 offers small cross-axis sensitivity and allows for accurate reporting of linear acceleration and angular velocity into the vehicle’s reference frame, regardless of the installation mounting orientation, to improve design flexibility and ADAS performance.

Developed according to ISO 26262 for use in systems up to ASIL-B, the IAM-20685 embeds proprietary safety mechanisms to ensure fault detection over a lifetime. IAM-20685 features a robust monolithic 6-axis IMU, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, with proven shock robustness and capability to simultaneously measure all the six axes with a current consumption below 10 mA in all operating conditions. IAM-20685 is available in a compact QFN 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.1 mm3 form with wettable flanks that simplify inspection at the end of the assembly line. IAM-20685 features programmable digital filters and a 10 MHz SPI interface where data integrity can be assessed by a CRC-based error-detecting code algorithm.

IAM-20685 serves the increasing demand of in-vehicle redundant IMUs to increase overall systems’ reliability and to further improve fault-tolerant autonomous systems. Additionally, the IAM-20685 is fully supported by Coursa Drive from Trusted Positioning, a TDK Group company, which is an inertial-aided positioning software solution for autonomous vehicles. The IAM-20685 with Coursa Drive enhances inertial-only vehicle navigation to maintain decimeter lane-level vehicle positioning in challenging environments.

The InvenSense IAM-20685 automotive IMU will be released in full mass production in calendar year 2022 as part of a multi-axis, multi-grade IMU portfolio of SmartAutomotive™ products from TDK. OEMs are invited to learn about market advancements, developments, design concerns, and the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of passive components, sensors, power supplies and batteries during the upcoming CES 2021 conference, being held digitally at To learn more about TDK’s solutions please visit In addition, for additional information and collateral about the IAM-20685 please visit or contact InvenSense Sales at




  • ISO 26262: Road Vehicles — Functional Safety Standard
  • ASIL: Automotive Safety Integrity Level
  • ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • 6-axis: 3-Axis gyroscope + 3-Axis accelerometer
  • IMU: Inertial Measurement Unit
  • CRC: Cyclic Redundancy Check
  • MEMS: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems


Main applications

IAM-20685 addresses a wide range of automotive applications, including but not limited to:

  • ADAS
  • Autonomous driving systems
  • Automated parking
  • Vision systems
  • Navigation system aids for dead reckoning
  • Telematics
  • Accurate positioning for vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure



  • ASIL-B rated
  • Automotive-qualified based on AEC Q100 Grade 2
  • User selectable full-scale for both gyroscope and accelerometer
  • Two embedded temperature sensors
  • 16-bit output for accelerometer, gyroscope, and temperature sensors
  • SPI serial interface with CRC
  • 24-pin QFN package 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.1 mm3 with wettable flanks


Key data

Product Automotive Safety Integrity Level Packaging Dimensions [mm] Number of Axes Resolution Current Consump- tion Digital Interface
IAM-20685 ISO 26262 ASIL-B QFN
4.5 x 4.5 x 1.1 mm3


(3-axis accelerometer,

3-axis gyroscope)

16-bits Max. 10 mA 10 MHz SPI



About TDK Corporation

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About InvenSense

InvenSense, Inc., a TDK Group company, is a world leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms. InvenSense’s vision of Sensing Everything® targets the consumer electronics and industrial areas with integrated Motion and Sound solutions. InvenSense’s solutions combine MEMS (micro electrical mechanical systems) sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, and microphones with proprietary algorithms and firmware that intelligently process, synthesize, and calibrate the output of sensors, maximizing performance and accuracy. InvenSense’s motion tracking, audio and location platforms, and services can be found in Mobile, Wearables, Smart Home, Industrial, Automotive, and IoT products. In May of 2017, InvenSense became part of the MEMS Sensors Business Group within the newly formed Sensor Systems Business Company of TDK Corporation. InvenSense is headquartered in San Jose, California and has offices worldwide. For more information, go to



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