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Ultra High-Performance 6‑Axis MEMS Motion Sensor


The ICM-456xy is an ultra high‑performance 6‑axis MEMS motion sensor family with the world’s first BalancedGyro™ technology and lowest power consumption. The sensor combines a 3‑axis gyroscope and a 3‑axis accelerometer in a compact 2.5 × 3 × 0.81 mm package.

The BalancedGyro technology by TDK is the first‑of‑its‑kind gyroscope MEMS architecture that enables supreme vibration rejection and temperature stability performance, an enhancement never seen before in a consumer gyroscope.

The ICM-456xy family also provides a new Self‑Calibration feature that allows sensitivity calibration to be done on‑chip, leading to a 10x enhancement in the lifetime sensor accuracy of the gyroscope. This significantly reduces the overall rotational angle error especially for robotics and OIS applications.

This family also offers the world’s lowest power 6‑axis motion sensor. This allows the gyroscope to be on 40% of the times more than any other gyroscope in the industry. This makes it very suitable for wearable and hearable gesture and activity detection applications.

It has a configurable host interface that supports I3C℠, I²C, and SPI serial communication, triple interface (host interface + 2 Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) interfaces), up to 8 KB FIFO and 2 programmable interrupts.


Target Markets

  • Smartphones and Tablets

  • Hearables (TWS) and Wearables

  • Virtual Reality

  • Augmented Reality Glasses

  • High-Accuracy Robotics

  • Gaming Controllers

  • Drones, Flight Controllers

ICM-456xy Features & Benefits

  • 6-axis current: 0.424 mA (Low Noise mode)
  • Sensitivity error: ±0.2% with Self-Calibration
  • Temperature Stability: Gyro ±0.01 º/s/ºC Accel: ±0.15 mg/ºC
  • Gyro Full-scale range: Up to ±4000 dps
  • Accelerometer Full-scale range: Up to ±32g
  • Gyroscope Noise: 3.8 mdps/rtHz
  • Accelerometer Noise: 70 μg/rtHz
  • eDMP - Enhanced Digital Motion Processor for implementing motion algorithms
  • On-chip APEX Motion Functions: Pedometer, Tilt Detection, Single/Double Tap Detection, Raise to Wake, Wake on Motion, Free-Fall Detection, Significant Motion Detection, Low-G Detection, High-G Detection
  • Machine learning framework for implementing customized motion classification algorithms on chip
  • FIFO Data Rate (FDR) for system power savings
  • Triple Interface (UI + 2 OIS) for OIS applications

ICM-456xy Product Details

ProductInterfacesGyro Full Scale Range
Accel Full Scale Range
Data ResolutionRTC
NoiseLogic Supply Voltage
Target Applications

I3C℠, I²C, and SPI Host Interface + AUX OIS Controller / I²C Master to connect external sensors±4000±3216-bits (baseline); FIFO packet option: Gyro 19-bits, Accel 18-bitsYes 
Gyroscope: 3.8 mdps/rtHz

Accelerometer: 70 µg/rtHz
VDDIO: 1.08V to 3.6V

VDD: 1.71V to 3.6V

AR/VR, HMD, Controllers & Wearables

I3C℠, I²C, and SPI Host Interface + 2x AUX OIS Controller Interfaces±2000±1616-bits (baseline); FIFO packet option: Gyro 19-bits, Accel 18-bitsYes 
Gyroscope: 3.8 mdps/rtHz

Accelerometer: 70 µg/rtHz
VDDIO: 1.08V to 3.6V

VDD: 1.71V to 3.6V

OIS Smartphones, OIS Modules

I3C℠, I²C, and SPI Host Interface + I²C Master to connect external sensors±2000±1616-bitsNo 
Gyroscope: 3.8 mdps/rtHz

Accelerometer: 70 µg/rtHz
VDDIO: 1.08V to 3.6V

VDD: 1.71V to 3.6V

Wearables, Hearables, Game Controllers,
Cameras, IoT, Drones

Additional Details

World’s first BalancedGyro technology

Highest accuracy self-calibration

Industry’s lowest current consumption

  • Supreme vibration rejection (Lowest VRE, VIN)
  • Best-in-class temperature stability
  • Reduced sensor-to-sensor coupling
  • 5x sensitivity accuracy advantage
  • Sensitivity error of ±0.2%
  • No factory calibration overhead
  • Lowest 6-axis Active Motion current – 424 μA
  • Ultra-low power mode; Sleep current – 2.9 μA


Documentation & Resources

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