The 7-Axis ICM-20789 is an integrated 6-axis inertial device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and an ultra-low noise MEMS capacitive barometric pressure sensor in a 24-pin LGA package. This unique 7-Axis device offers performance of discrete components in a single small footprint for tracking rotational and linear motion as well as pressure differences with an accuracy of ±1 Pa, an accuracy enabling altitude measurement differentials as small as 8.5 cm.

The pressure sensor’s MEMS capacitive architecture provides the industry’s lowest noise at the lowest power, high sensor throughput, and temperature coefficient offset of ±0.5 Pa/°C. The pressure sensor’s combination of high accuracy elevation measurements, low power, and temperature stability complemented by the motion tracking 6-axis inertial sensor in a small footprint, make it ideal for a wide range of motion tracking applications.

The 7-Axis ICM-20789 provides an easy upgrade path to build on the time-tested performance of TDK-InvenSense’s 6-axis inertial sensors by adding a ultra-low noise and temperature stable MEMS capacitive barometric pressure sensor.

There is a SmartMotion Development Kit available for the ICM-20789, and more information can be found here.

Featured Video: Enhanced Security System using motion and pressure sensors

Product Details

Part # Gyro Full Scale Range Accel Full Scale Range Package Size Pressure Sensor
UNITS: (°/sec) (g) (mm) (Pa)
±250 dps
±500 dps
±1000 dps
±2000 dps
4 x 4 x 1.365 Noise: 0.4 RMS
Relative Accuracy: ±1

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  • Pressure operating range: 30 to 110 kPa
  • Noise and current consumption
  • 3.2 Pa @ 1.3 µA (LP mode)
  • 0.8 Pa @ 5.2 µA (LN mode)
  • 0.4 Pa @ 10.4 µA (ULN mode)
  • Pressure Sensor Relative Accuracy: ±1 Pa for any 10 hPa
  • Pressure Sensor Temperature Coefficient Offset: ±0.5 Pa/°C
  • Pressure Sensor Absolute Accuracy: ±1 hPa
  • Gyroscope programmable FSR of ±250 dps, ±500 dps, ±1000 dps, and ±2000 dps
  • Accelerometer with Programmable FSR of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, and ±16g
  • Large 4 kB FIFO reduces traffic on the serial bus
  • EIS FSYNC support
  • User-programmable interrupts
  • Wake-on-motion interrupt for low power operation of applications processor
  • Host interface: 400 kHz Fast Mode I2C & 8 MHz SPI (see datasheet for ICM-20689)
  • Digital-output temperature sensor (x2)
  • Nominal VDD operation at 1.8V
  • RoHS and Green compliant