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SmartSound™ Analog Microphones

Like all InvenSense MEMS microphones, the analog output portfolio leverages unique high-performance MEMS elements. Analog output is still a common audio interface type, and has been used by electret microphones for decades. InvenSense MEMS microphones offer significant performance improvements to this old standard. They have similar or better SNR in smaller size, provide consistent performance part-to-part and over temperature, and offer a wider dynamic range.

Analog Microphone Product Details









Key AttributeHigh SNR, Multi-Mode Analog MicrophoneHigh SNR Analog MicrophoneHigh SNR and high dynamic range analog microphoneExtended Low Frequency Response Analog MicrophoneUltra-low power “Always On” Analog MicrophoneHigh AOP Differential Analog High Temperature MicrophoneHigh SNR Differential Analog MicrophoneUltra High SNR Differential Analog MicrophoneUltra High SNR, Directional Microphone
Port LocationBottomBottomBottomBottomBottomBottomBottomBottomDual Port
Output TypeSingle EndedSingle EndedSingle EndedSingle EndedSingle EndedDifferentialDifferentialDifferentialSingle Ended
Supply Voltage VDD (V)1.52 to 3.631.65 to 3.631.65 to 3.631.5 to 3.630.9 to 1.31.52 to 3.631.5 to 3.631.5 to 3.631.62 to 3.63
Temperature-40°C to 85°C-40°C to 85°C-40°C to 85°C-40°C to 85°C0°C to 70°C-40°C to 105°C-40°C to 85°C-40°C to 85°C-40°C to 85°C
SNR dBA666665.5636463707470
AOP dB SPL128128130130112138124123128
Sensitivity (1 kHz, 94 dB SPL) dBV-38 ±1-38 ±1-40 ±1-45 ±2-37 ±3-43 ±1-32 ±2-32 ±2-38 ±1
LF Cutoff (Hz)35n/a3569035752080
Package (mm)3.5 × 2.65 × 0.983.5 × 2.65 × 0.983.5 × 2.65 × 0.984.72 × 3.76 × 3.53.35 × 2.5 × 0.983.5 × 2.65 × 0.984 × 3 × 1.24.72 x 3.76 x 3.54 × 3 × 1.2
Power ModesHigh Quality, Low-Power (Always On) High QualityHigh QualityHigh QualityLow-Power (Always On)High QualityHigh QualityHigh QualityHigh Quality
High Quality Mode Current (uA)165 (Typ)
190 (Max)
165 (Typ)
190 (Max)
165 (Typ)
190 (Max)
180 (Typ @ 1.8V)
220 (Max @ 1.8V)
19.5 (Typ @ 1.3V)
25 (Max @ 1.3V)
170 (Typ)
190 (Max)
285 (Typ)
350 (Max)
285 (Typ)
350 (Max)
155 (Typ)
Low-Power Mode Current (uA)55 (Typ)
65 (Max)
n/an/an/a16 (Typ @ 0.9V)
23 (Max @ 0.9V)
Features / BenefitsThe ICS‐40212 has a very high dynamic range and a low‐power AlwaysOn mode with power consumption as low as 55 uA.The ICS-40214 is an analog MEMS microphone with very high dynamic range and single ended output. The ICS-40216’s 65.5 dB SNR and ±1 dB sensitivity tolerance plus wide dynamic range make it an excellent choice for microphone arrays and far field voice control applications.The ICS-40300 is a low-noise, high SPL MEMS microphone with extended low frequency response that makes it an excellent choice for applications requiring precise phase matching.The ICS-40310 runs from a 1 V supply and consumes only 16 μA of current while providing a 64 dB SNR with a 4.5 kΩ impedance output. The ICS-40310 is an ideal choice for always-on power-sensitive mobile devices.The ICS-40638 has a high dynamic range and very high AOP which enables clear audio capture in loud conditions: wind, concerts, close range speaking, etc. It is capable of operation up to 105°C. The ICS-40720 is an ultra-low noise, differential analog microphone. The 70 dB SNR and ±2 dB sensitivity tolerance make it an excellent choice for microphone arrays and far field voice control applications.The ultra-low noise ICS-40730 with its 74 dB SNR and ±2 dB sensitivity tolerance make it an excellent choice for microphone arrays and far field voice control applications. The 20 Hz low frequency roll off enables enhanced low frequency ANC.The two sound ports located on the bottom and top of the ICS-40800 package allows the microphone to exhibit variable sensitivity to sound based on angle of arrival. Low current draw provides long life for battery operated devices.
Target applicationsSmartphones, Smart Speakers, Headsets, Cameras, WearablesSmartphones, Wearable devices, Cameras, IoT devicesTeleconferencing Systems, Cameras, Headsets, Security and Surveillance, Microphone Arrays, Voice ControlNoise-Cancelling Headsets, Teleconferencing Systems, Studio Microphones, Security and Surveillance, Photoacoustic Gas SensingSmartphones, Wearable Devices, Tablet Computers, Bluetooth HeadsetsIn-Cabin Automotive, Cameras, IoT Devices, Industrial Applications, Security SystemsConferencing Systems, Smartphones, Smart Speakers, Headsets, Cameras, WearablesConferencing Systems, Headphones with ANC, Microphone Arrays, Smart TVs, Digital CamerasConferencing Systems, Cameras, Communication Headsets, Security and Surveillance, Microphone Arrays, Voice Control
Ordering Part NumberICS‐40212ICS-40214ICS-40216ICS-40300ICS‐40310ICS‐40638ICS‐40720ICS‐40730ICS‐40800
Evaluation BoardMD-54001-D58MD-54001-D58
Flex BoardEV_ICS‐40212‐FXEV_ICS‐40214‐FXEV_ICS‐40300‐FXEV_ICS‐40310‐FXEV_ICS‐40638‐FXEV_ICS‐40720‐FX2EV_ICS‐40730‐FXEV_ICS‐40800‐FX2



(dB SPL)
LF Cutoff

2.75 × 1.85 × 0.9Bottom63127-38n/aEOL

3.35 × 2.5 × 0.98Bottom66135-38n/aNR/ND

3.5 × 2.65 × 0.98Bottom67132-3850NR/ND

3.5 × 2.65 × 0.98Top67132-3850EOL

3.35 × 2.5 × 0.98Bottom65124-3860NR/ND

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