InvenSense’s motion sensors are used in industrial applications such as platform and antenna stabilization, precision robotics, inventory control systems, survey instruments, factory equipment, industrial power tools, unmanned aerial vehicles, precision agricultural machinery, guidance and steering applications, and construction equipment. These applications are characterized by harsh environmental conditions where extreme temperature ranges, and severe shocks are present. Industrial motion sensors are required to handle such conditions while providing highly accurate results and low system power consumption.

InvenSense is strongly positioned to be the leading provider for all the MEMs inertial sensors needed for the flight control engine, navigation and imaging subsystem of these drones. Our 6-axis, new 7– axis. and 9-axis enable the highest accuracy and stability needed for the drone operation and image stabilization needs.


InvenSense Advantages

  • World’s First Single-Chip 3-Axis MEMS Gyroscope Optimized for Industrial Applications
  • Industry-Leading Performance, Size, and Cost for Industrial Applications
  • Phase matched high SPL microphone for machine fault detection and gas detection (ICS-40300)