Wearables Tech Solutions

Wearable Sensor Technology

InvenSense offers a wide range of 6-axis, and 9-axis motion sensors as well as analog, PDM,and I²S Microphones for the wearable market .  But the offering does not stop at the device level. For this application, InvenSense offers a more complete sensor platform system solution that delivers a use case, solves a system power problem, or improvement of other companion sensor performance.  To summarize the sensor platform system solution InvenSense offers:   

  • Wrist Worn Wearable Offering: ICM-20648
  • High FSR device for Sports Motion Analysis: ICM-20649

Complete Wearable SoC Solution

Wearable products today are expected to deliver valuable services to their owners to help drive a better lifestyle.   Specifically, the wrist worn wearable market requires OEMs to deliver wellness and fitness related services, a key reason the market traction for these devices is increasing quickly. Key sensors such as Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, PPG, and pressure sensors are required for smart watches and activity trackers to deliver on those promises. To enable these services the OEMs need a deep technical understanding of these sensors which requires a big R&D effort.  InvenSense has removed this hurdle by delivering a complete Wearable SoC that delivers the following software features. 

ICM-20648 (6-axis) offers step counter and activity recognition (walk, run, bike, still) all part of the integrated DMP.  For those applications that want just raw sensor data please reference ICM-20602.

  • Activity Classifier (walk, run, bike, still)
  • Step Counter
  • Calorie counter
  • Sleep quality analysis
  • Analytics: Walk/Run and Stand/Sit Time Accrual and Sedentary Reminder
  • Wrist Gestures: Double-tap and Shake and B2S

Wide FSR Devices for Sports Motion Analysis

Many of today’s wearable and sports solutions, which analyze the motion of a user’s golf or tennis swings, soccer ball kicks, or basketball activities, require higher than currently available ±2000 dps (degrees per second) FSR for gyroscope and ±16g FSR for accelerometer to better insure that critical data is not lost at the point of high impact or high speed rotation. The ICM-20649 is world’s widest full scale range (FSR) 6-axis integrated MEMS (3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer) and offers the smallest size, lowest profile and lowest power in conjunction with its industry leading high FSR. With an extended FSR range of ±4000 dps for gyroscope and ±30g for accelerometer, the ICM-20649 enables precise analysis of contact sports applications providing continuous motion sensor data before, during and after impact providing more accurate feedback to the end-user and enabling new markets and applications. 

6-axis Solutions for HMD/VR

Aligning the video with the head movement is key component in making the HMD/VR user experience enjoyable. IMU motion tracking is one of the key components to help solve this absolute positioning problem.  InvenSense offers the ICM-20602, best 6-axis sensor that delivers on key performance metrics such as gyro sensitivity drift over time and temp and bias instability as well accel drift vs. temperature.