The ICS-43434 is digital I²S output bottom port microphone. The complete ICS-43434 solution consists of a MEMS sensor, signal conditioning, an analog-to-digital converter, decimation and antialiasing filters, power management, and an industry standard 24-bit I²S interface. The I²S interface allows the ICS-43434 to connect directly to digital processors, such as DSPs and microcontrollers, without the need for an audio codec in the system.

The ICS-43434 has multiple modes of operation: High Performance, Low Power (AlwaysOn), Sleep. The ICS-43434 has high SNR and 120 dB SPL AOP in all operational modes. The ICS-43434 has a high SNR of 64 dBA and a wideband frequency response. The sensitivity tolerance of the ICS‐43434 is ±1 dB, which enables high performance microphone arrays without the need for system calibration.

The ICS-43434 is available in a small 3.50 mm × 2.65 mm × 0.98 mm surface-mount package. The ICS-43434 is function-compatible with the ICS-43432 while providing equivalent electro-acoustic performance at lower power consumption and in a smaller package.

Product Details

Part # Market Status Output Port Location SNR AOP Sensitivity Package Size LF Cutoff
UNITS: dBA dB SPL dbfs (mm) Hz
Production I²S Bottom 65 120 -26 3.5 x 2.65 x 0.98 60

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  • Digital I²S interface with high precision 24‐bit data
  • Wide frequency response from 60 Hz to 20 kHz
  • High power supply rejection: −100 dB FS
  • Small 3.5 mm × 2.65 mm × 0.98 mm surface‐mount package
  • Compatible with Sn/Pb and Pb‐free solder processes
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant