Leveraging wireless connectivity, powerful application processing, and storage capabilities in smartphones, today’s wearable sensors are becoming even more ubiquitous. The introduction of InvenSense’s MotionTracking™ devices further enable this market with the integration of 6 axis (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope),  7 axis (3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer + pressure sensor) or 9-axis (addition of eCompass) motion sensors, offering a small form factor and low power consumption. InvenSense’s MotionTracking™ devices, with embedded MotionFusion™ software, are capable of providing higher accuracy body movement detection versus traditional accelerometer-only wearable designs. Six- and 9-axis MotionTracking™ solutions have the ability to accurately identify and characterize a broad range of fitness activities, allowing for very accurate calculations of, for example, calorie burn rate over time.

Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2016 smartwatches will comprise about 40 percent of consumer wristworn devices. The latest smartwatches continue to improve sensor design compared with earlier versions, including voice search, turn-by-turn navigation, contextual reminders, and taking notes via voice input — bringing contextual awareness experience on a smaller screen.

InvenSense continues to create leading technology to assist in form factor, power consumption, and activity recognition, helping to make these smartwatches possible.