DK-20670 Product Brief AN-000417 – EV_MOD_ICU-10201-00 Evaluation Module User Guide AN-000416 – EV_ICU-10201-00 Evaluation Board User Guide AN-000396 – EV_ICU-20201-00 Evaluation Board User Guide AN-000357 – EV_MOD_ICU-20201-01 Evaluation Module User Guide AN-000398 – ICU-20201 EVK Platform User Guide AN-000329 – ICU-x0201 Hello Chirp Example User Guide IIM-20670 Datasheet ICU-20201 Datasheet AN-000271 – ICM-42607x and ICM-42670x APEX Motion Functions: Description and Usage
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System on Chip

All-in-one processor

MotionTracking sensor system on chip (SoC) and Sound devices from InvenSense are rapidly becoming a key function in many consumer electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, wearables, gaming devices, optical image stabilization, Bluetooth headsets, notebook PCs, security/surveillance, and remote controls for Smart TVs

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Introduces Family Of ‘AlwaysOn’ MEMS Automatic Activity Recognition Solutions For The Wearable Sensor Market

Walk, Run, Bike, Stationary, and Sleep Detection Enabled with InvenSense Ultra Low-Power Automatic Activity Recognition (AAR™) System Solution

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