The ITG-1010 is a single-chip, digital-output, 3-axis MEMS gyro IC with programmable full-scale ranges of ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000 degrees/sec (dps), which is useful for precision tracking of both fast and slow motions. Factory-calibrated initial sensitivity reduces production-line calibration requirements. The part’s on-chip FIFO simplifies system timing and lower system power consumption. The FIFO allows a system microcontroller to burst read the sensor data and then go to sleep while the ITG-1010 collects more data.

Other industry-leading features include on-chip 16-bit ADCs, programmable digital filters, a precision clock with 1% variation from -40°C to 85°C, an embedded temperature sensor, and programmable interrupts. Parts are available with a Fast-Mode I²C serial interface, a VDD operating range of 1.71 to 3.6V, and a VDDIO voltage from 1.71V to 3.6V.

By leveraging its patented and volume-proven InvenSense Fabrication platform, which integrates MEMS wafers with companion CMOS electronics through wafer-level bonding, InvenSense has driven the ITG-1010 package size down to a footprint of 3x3x0.9mm (QFN), while providing the highest performance, lowest noise, and the lowest cost semiconductor packaging to address a wide range of handheld consumer electronic devices. The device provides the highest robustness by supporting 10,000g shock in operation. The highest cross-axis isolation is achieved by design from its single silicon integration.

Note: The ITG-1010 is EOL

Product Details

Part # Gyro Full Scale Range Gyro Rate Noise Digital Output Logic Supply Voltage Operating Voltage Supply Package Size
UNITS: (°/sec) mdps/rtHz (V) (V) (mm)
0.01 I²C, SPI 1.71 to VDD 1.71 to 3.45 3x3x0.9


  • X-, -Y, & Z-Axis angular rate sensors (gyros) on one integrated circuit
  • Angular rate sensors (gyros) with user-programmable full-scale-range of ±250°/sec, ±500°/sec, ±1000°/sec, or ±2000°/sec.
  • Low power consumption with both axes active: 3.2mA
  • 16-bit ADCs for digitizing sensor outputs
  • Programmable low-pass filters
  • FIFO buffers complete data set, reducing timing requirements on the system processor and saving power by letting the processor burst read the FIFO data, and then go into a low-power sleep mode while the device collects more data.
  • VDD supply voltage range of 1.71V to 3.45V
  • I2C and SPI interface
  • Small 3x3x0.9mm QFN package
  • RoHS and Green compliant


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