EV_T3902-FX – Evaluation Board

Simple evaluation board which allows for quick evaluation of the T3902 digital MEMS microphone. The small size and low profile of the flexible PCB enables direct placement of the microphone into a prototype or an existing design for an in situ evaluation. The evaluation board consists of a bottom port microphone soldered to a flexible PCB with color-coded wires attached. The only other component on the board is a 0.1μF supply bypass capacitor.

Please refer to the App Note below “AN-000048 – PDM Digital Output MEMS Microphone Flex Evaluation Board User Guide” for more detailed information.


The T3902 is a low‐power, low‐noise digital MEMS microphone in a small package. The T3902 consists of a MEMS microphone element and an impedance converter amplifier followed by a fourth‐order Σ‐Δ modulator. The pulse density modulated (PDM) interface allows two microphones to be time multiplexed on a data line using a single clock.

The T3902 has multiple modes of operation: High Performance, Low Power (AlwaysOn), Standard and Sleep. The T3902 has low power and high SNR in all operational modes. It has 126 dB SPL AOP in High Performance mode, and 120 dB SPL AOP in Standard and Low‐Power modes.

The T3902 is available in a small 3.5 × 2.65 × 0.98 mm surface‐mount package. It is reflow solder compatible with no sensitivity degradation.

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Product Details

Part # Market Status Output Port Location SNR AOP Sensitivity Package Size LF Cutoff
UNITS: dBA dB SPL dbfs (mm) Hz
Production PDM Bottom 64.5 120 -26 3.5 × 2.65 × 0.98 36

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