The T5838 is the world’s lowest power Pulse Density Modulation (PDM), multi-mode MEMS microphone with high AOP and high SNR for smartphones, microphone arrays, smart speakers, IoT and other consumer devices. The microphone offers an exceptionally efficient 130 µA ultra-low power mode to support ‘AlwaysOn’ applications. The T5838 has outstanding low current of 330 µA in ‘High Quality Mode,’ supporting high fidelity audio with 68 dB SNR and 133 dB AOP at 20kHz bandwidth in a 3.5 x 2.65 x 0.98 mm package.

Smartphones and IoT devices continue to drive the requirement for lower-power ‘AlwaysOn’ sensors. To meet these needs, the T5838 adds Acoustic Activity Detect (AAD) capability, in addition to world leading low power and wide dynamic range, all in an industry-standard footprint.

Acoustic Activity Detect is a new ultra-low power edge processing feature where the microphone monitors the acoustic environment and wakes up the SoC or application processor when activity is detected. It is available with three modes of operation starting at just 20 µA total current draw from the microphone. It provides user programmability to apply various filters and thresholds for optimized performance for each application. It also supports 8kHz bandwidth output for ‘AlwaysOn’ systems requiring audio buffering for cloud processing.

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