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High-Precision 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking® Device with Advanced Sensor Fusion Library

The ICM-42688-V is a high-performance 6-axis MEMS MotionTracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer. This device is targeted at applications that require premium levels of sensor fusion accuracy for precise orientation detection. This device comes bundled with TDK’s Advanced Sensor Fusion Library that provides highly accurate 6-axis and 9-axis sensor fusion outputs. The ICM-42688-V and the Advanced Sensor Fusion Library together provide an accurate out-of-box motion tracking solution for applications such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Hearables, Gaming, Wearables, smartphones, tablets, and robotics.

It has a configurable host interface that supports I3C℠, I²C, and SPI serial communication, features a 2 KB FIFO and 2 programmable interrupts with ultra-low-power wake-on-motion support to minimize system power consumption. It supports highly accurate external clock input, that helps to reduce system level sensitivity error, improve orientation measurement from gyroscope data, reduce ODR sensitivity to temperature and device to device variation. The device includes industry first 20-bits data format support in FIFO for high-data resolution. This FIFO format encapsulates 19-bits of gyroscope data and 18-bits of accelerometer data.

Other industry-leading features include InvenSense on-chip APEX Motion Processing engine for gesture recognition, activity classification, and pedometer, along with programmable digital filters, and an embedded temperature sensor. The device supports a VDD operating range of 1.71V to 3.6V, and a separate digital IO supply, VDDIO from 1.71V to 3.6V.

The Advanced Sensor Fusion library (ASF) is motion sensor algorithm that provides highly accurate sensor fusion output (less than 1° error on Yaw, Pitch, and Roll) along with accurate motion prediction through predictive quaternion. This library can be configured in two modes: High Accuracy mode for slow motion applications such as VR, AR, TWS, robotics and Fast-motion mode for applications such as Gaming and wearables. The library is currently supported on Arm Cortex M4 platforms. The ASF can be quickly evaluated using the DK-42688-V platform along with AK-09915 board. The Advanced Sensor Fusion package including the user guide, integration guide, drivers, example code can be downloaded from the Developers Corner. Please note that the ASF can only be used with the ICM-42688-V motion sensor.

The ICM-42688-V and the Advanced Sensor Fusion library hence provide a complete sensor fusion solution for applications that require premium levels of orientation accuracy and motion prediction.



  • Advanced Sensor Fusion Library

Target Markets

  • Smart TV Remotes

  • Presentation Pointers

  • Air Mouse

  • Smart Pencil

  • Pointing Devices

Product Details

ProductPackage Size
Gyro Full Scale Range
Gyro Sensitivity
Gyro Rate Noise
Accel Full Scale Range
Accel Sensitivity
Digital Output
Logic Supply Voltage
Operating Voltage

2.5 × 3 × 0.91
14-pin LGA
I3C℠, I²C, or SPI1.71 – 3.61.71 – 3.6

Comprehensive evaluation platform for ICM-42688-V. It enables quick development and evaluation of the ICM-42688-V.

Features & Benefits

  • Gyroscope Noise: 2.8 mdps/√Hz & Accelerometer Noise: 70 μg/√Hz
  • Low-Noise mode 6-axis current consumption of 0.88 mA
  • User selectable Gyro Full-scale range (dps): ±15.6/31.2/62.5/125/250/500/1000/2000
  • User selectable Accelerometer Full-scale range (g): ±2/4/8/16
  • User-programmable digital filters for gyro, accel, and temp sensor
  • APEX Motion Functions: Pedometer, Tilt Detection, Tap Detection, Wake on Motion, Raise to Wake/Sleep, Significant Motion Detection
  • Host interface: 12.5 MHz I3C℠, 1 MHz I²C, 24 MHz SPI
  • Advanced Sensor Fusion Library:
    • 6-axis and 9-axis orientation
    • Predictive Quaternion
    • Advanced calibration included
    • Target CPU: ARM Cortex M4
    • Less than 1 degree of accuracy on Yaw, Pitch, and Roll

Documentation & Resources

Datasheet / Product BriefVersionUpdatedDownload
DS-000439 – ICM-42688-V Datasheet1.12021-03-22Datasheet

App Notes & User GuidesVersionUpdatedDownload
AN-000300 – SmartMotion Platform User Guide1.22024-02-16User Guide
AN-000264 – Advanced Sensor Fusion User Guide1.22023-02-01User Guide

Environment / RoHS / Packaging InfoVersionUpdatedDownload
AN-000393 (pg. 20) – IMU PCB Packaging Info1.42024-01-19App Note
QAR-001-00 – InvenSense RoHS 2.09.12023-02-08App Note

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SmartMotion Installer w/ MotionLink4.2.152024-02-15Download Zip File
DK-42688-V SmartMotion eMD2.0.92023-03-08Download Zip File

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