Time-of-Flight Vision Platform

TDK’s ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors provide range-finding, distance measurement, and presence detection on an integrated MEMS PMUT (Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer) with an ultra-low power SoC (System on Chip) in a miniature reflowable package.

These sensor solutions are capable of ranging to targets of any composition up to 5 meters in any lighting condition, making them ideal for a variety of applications including: obstacle avoidance, presence detection, robotics, security & surveillance, AR/VR, drones, liquid level sensing, smart home/building, and general IoT.

Product Details

ProductPackage Size

2.5 × 3 × 0.91ActiveHigh Performance 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking IMUTWS, AR Glasses

2.5 × 3 × 0.91ActiveHigh-Precision 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ Device with Advanced Sensor Fusion LibrarySmart TV Remotes, Presentation Pointers, Air Mouse, Smart Pencil, Pointing Devices

2.5 × 3 × 0.91ActiveHigh Precision 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking DeviceAR/VR Controllers, Wearables, Head Mounted Displays, Sports, Robotics, IoT

2.5 × 3 × 0.91ActiveHigh-Performance Low-Power 6-Axis MEMS Motion SensorSmartphones & Tablets, Robotics, Sports, E-Scooters, Wearable Sensors, Virtual Reality, IoT

2.5 × 3 × 0.91ActiveHigh-Performance 6-Axis MotionTracking™ IMU with AirMotion LibrarySmart TV Remotes, Presentation Pointers, Air Mouse, Smart Pencils, Pointing Devices

2.5 × 3 × 0.91Production6-Axis Dual-Mode (UI & OIS) MEMS MotionTracking™ DeviceSmartphones & Tablets, Head-Mounted Displays, Wearables

4 × 4 × 0.9ProductionHigh Performance 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking Device with 4 Kilobyte FIFODrones, VR, IoT

3 × 3 × 0.75SamplingAEC-Q100 Qualified 6-Axis Integrated High-Performance MotionTracking DeviceAutomotive

3 × 3 × 0.75ProductionWide-Range 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ Device for Sports and High-Impact ApplicationsSports, Wearables

3 × 3 × 0.9Production6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ Device with Enhanced EIS SupportMotion, Wearables

3 × 3 × 0.75ProductionHigh-Performance 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking Device with 4 KB FIFO and Thin PackageMotion

3 × 3 × 0.75SamplingHigh Performance 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ Device for AR/VR Applications with 1 kHz 9-Axis Sensor Fusion LibraryAugmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Head Mounted Displays

3 × 3 × 0.75ProductionLow-Power, High-Performance Integrated 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ Device in 3 × 3 mm PackageMotion

3 × 3 × 0.75ProductionWorld’s First Wide-Range 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking Device for High-Speed, Non-Impact Applications, with a Wide 4000 dps FSR Gyroscope and 32g AccelerometerHigh-Speed Motion Analysis (Non-Impact Sports)

2.5 × 3 × 0.91ProductionHigh Performance 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ Device in a 2.5 × 3 mm PackageMotion

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